Friday, December 13, 2019
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Ginger Wildheart’s top 10 favourite albums part 2

You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead: So Divided High octane modern band who certainly don'y play by the rules and have...

High On Fire: NQ Live, Manchester – live review

...the old Motorhead manta certain applies, “Everything louder than everything else”.

K-X-P: II – album review

"The record should make them bigger and more popular ..."

Girlschool: The Bronze Years Boxset – album review

a head rush of proper old British Biker Rock’n’Roll metal punk over three albums and a patchy cross between American Rock and British Glam sensibilities on the fourth.

Revenge of the Psychotronic Man – interview

We chat to the band following the release of their latest album

Dinosaur Jr – interview

Dinosaur Jr's Murph talks to us ahead of Tokyo performance.

Supersonic Festival: Birmingham – festival review

Noise is still for heroes. See you at Supersonic 2013.

Recent Ace Records Releases Roundup

A round-up of the latest releases from Ace Records

Maximum RnR, The Dementias and Vincent And The OnePotts – live review

The singer ends up by the end of the second song with his trousers round his ankles.

New band of the day : Black Moth

great filthy noise from Leeds

An epic interview with Lemmy – by John Robb

'It was like an alien had come to visit us with guitars…\' an epic interview with Lemmy

Send in the cavalry, Lemmy sticks it to the bankers

fed up with the bankers? wondering what rock n roll is gonna do about it? Motorhead have released a brilliant new single and it's also...





Watch this! Liverpool’s Psycho Comedy release new video.

LTW catch up where they left off with this bizarre collective from Liverpool....

HIGH/LOW: Down The Wave – album review

HIGH/LOW DOWN THE WAVE Instereo Records LP / CD / DL / CASS Out now!   Essex-based lo-fi fuzz lovers,...

Legend of the Witches & Secret Rites – film review

Legend of the Witches (1970) & Secret Rites (1971) Directors: Malcolm Leigh / Derek Ford Runtime:...

Hooligan ‘Dublin City Rockers’ – EP Review

Hooligan 'Dublin City Rockers' (Advance Records) 7" Vinyl | DL Four tracks of authentic Irish punk...

Rod Stewart: M&S Bank Arena , Liverpool – live photo review

Rod Stewart Liverpool Arena 10th December 2019 Model train enthusiast, Celtic superfan and musical icon Rod...