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With the closest voice rendition to Freddie Mercury that I have ever encountered, yet a vibe belonging to only him, Pittsburgh guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer, Freddie Nelson premiers his newest video and single from his brand new release Shake The Cage. His solo, full length album will be released on July 7.


Light comes from deep within the heart and soul of Freddie Nelson, and was written at a time when he completely shifted his existence and realized there was something out there bigger than us. Louder Than War presents:




In addition to his video premier, I couldn’t resist speaking to such a talented singer. When he opens his mouth, sparks of magic emerge, leaving one bewitched and in awe. The clarity and perfection in his vocals, screams out to the universe to celebrate his remarkable talent.

Louder Than War: Why isn’t your name a household word yet? You are so impressively talented and special.

That means a lot! That’s never really been my motivation to be a household name. From the time I was a kid my motivation has always been to really just be a professional musician. I want to make my living picking up my guitar, opening up my mouth and writing songs. I have been able to do that for a pretty substantial period of time. If becoming a household name will fall out of that, that’s OK too.

I love Freddie Mercury, and you are the closest sounding artist to him that I’ve ever heard.

I’m going to take that as probably one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever gotten. He is hands-down one of the greatest singers and writers of all time.

How did Light come to be created?

I’m trying to think of the best way to articulate this. Some years ago the experiences in my own life kind of thrusted me into changing different directions. I started doing a lot of meditation, trying to align myself universally. I came to a lot of realizations. There is universally and dimensionally something much bigger going on than what we see around us, all the time, everyday. What it is, I have no idea. I think there is a bigger picture going on, somewhere, somehow. I’m not sure what that is like I say, but I think it is something that we can kind of tap into. I think it’s where things like inspiration and things like that come from, creation, writing songs. It’s kind of just a vessel that gets it out there. Something is happening. If you look around standing outside looking at different things, we only see a fraction of the light spectrum. There is a hell of a lot more that we don’t see. Like I say I don’t know what’s going on, something’s happening. That’s the basis of where the song came from.

I stalked you on Google and noticed pictures of your Goth wedding.

My wife first of all is incredibly talented. There are videos of her at 6, 7, 8, years old, playing Chopin flawlessly. It’s funny watching her little fingers fly across the keys. We had talked about what we want to do and did not want any kind of traditional kind of a thing. It was kind of inspiring and people seem to enjoy it. It was a good time. I wish I could take credit for the planning but I just hung on and rode. There was something interesting about this. I got a call to go overseas and do some touring. It happened to be during the time of the wedding, which was already planned. I resigned myself to the fact that I couldn’t do the tour. Then I saw her outside walking around and on the phone. She immediately started moving and shifting things around, and moved the entire thing. We are a music first household, but in my estimation that’s a pretty huge thing for a woman to do. I was actually talking to Paul Gilbert, I told him I couldn’t believe what she just did. His response was: “You are marrying the right woman.”

I love that story. Where do you intend to go with your music?

It has never really changed. Probably since I went into the shift that I did, I really and honestly want to be inspiring to people. I want to be the catalyst of inspiration. Not only just in music, but in life if I possibly can. Whether that’s from a song or from standing on an elevator and giving someone an uplifting word. I really just want to inspire people into a better place I guess. So that’s my goal with my music, and with my life at this point. I do want to keep making albums, but that requires making money. I’m hoping people buy this album so I can continue to make albums. I love traveling and I love touring, I’d love to go anywhere that anybody wants me, let’s put it that way.

Does the album have a theme?

I write songs every day. So when I decided that I was going to put this body of work out, I probably had enough work for a couple of albums. I just kind of picked and chose the ones that felt right. It’s not really one particular theme, but I think the body of work itself felt good to me. All of the songs collectively went together. It seems like one universal personality.

If you could have anything happen while you were on stage, what would it be?

I would need to be surrounded by players that I respect. Probably first and foremost human beings that I respect. It would be having a large crowd. Singing something back to them that I was trying to get to them in the song.

What do you like best about performing live?

Oh man, just giving it away to people. I love being in the studio, I love writing songs, but when you see how you’re moving people, and they’re giving it right back to you, and just the energy of the overall experience of performing songs, the energy of the crowd,…. I wish you could bottle that stuff. Sell it or give it away to people, because there is nothing like it.

That’s a really cool answer to that. 

I try to keep a clean slate for every person that I’m talking to, I just want to give honest answers to whatever happens to be coming through at that moment.

If you were a new addition to a crayon box, what colour would you be?

Moquless. It would be a combination of red, blue, and another colour that we haven’t quite seen with our eyes yet. I think red for the energy of performing for people, blue for peace and to keep the vibrations even, the other colour, I don’t know because it’s something special.

If you could tell your fans and followers anything, what would you say to them?

I’d say two things: I’ll say if I’m talking about this album, I would let them know that it’s honest, it’s real, and if they like rock ‘n’ roll I would ask them to sample it and listen to it,  I think that they’ll like it. I would also say, be kind to people.


Shake The Cage is available for pre-order on iTunes, Amazon, with instant gratification track. There are limited edition hard copies also available for pre-order on:

For more information on Freddie Nelson go to his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify and You Tube.

All words by Eileen Shapiro. More of Eileen’s writing can be found in her author’s archive.


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