are you going to bring a nice cardigan mr West?

are you going to bring a nice cardigan mr West?The internet has been full of angry typing this morning with people asking for their money back and venting their spleen over the choice of Kanye West to headline one of the nights at Glastonbury. There is even a petition demanding he be removed from the slot and replaced with a  ‘rock band’ with songs that you can singalong to – when did being young get so middle aged! This is an insult to rock music which could well do without these conservative attitudes…Is there really much difference between someone shouting down a mic over a noisy band or someone shouting down a mic over  noisy band?

The petition makes music sound like the campaign for real ale with Mumbleford and Sons proving the soundtrack and music culture weighed down under its own comfy electric blanket of tradition and  stale boredom like Henley Regatta or the last night of the Proms without the passion…

West does not seem a popular choice for the festival which sometimes likes to upset its own rural apple cart with headline choices that cause digital meltdown but pass off without much problem when the night arrives.

Last year Metallica had pundits wondering just who they were and how some ‘metal’ band with ‘one half known song’ could headline such a big festival – turns out that Metallica are one of the biggest selling bands of all time and had more than enough songs that struck a chord with the mainly indie audience at the festival who at one time in their lives and been a bit more metally mental around the edges before those nice Mumford and Sons records had enveloped them with a whimsical warmth.

Hip Hop and Glasto have always made uneasy bedfellows – Noel Gallagher wasn’t too happy about Jay -Z playing on year (and Jay -Z went down really well). It seems that the perception is that the main stage at the festival is cleared for misty eyed indie and sixties legend action. All kinds of dusty legends are brushed down for their Glasto slot whilst the BBC presenters get misty eyed and button up their sensible cardigans against the on coming night time cold and reminisce about the good old days of cosy music as Glastonbury gets its warm blanket and flask of bovril non stop coverage (there are other festivals out there that could be on TV as well you know…)

To shake this up is a good thing.


Kanye West may not be the most likeable human being on the planet but since when has that been an important issue in pop music? Even he will not be bringing a huge personal backstage of his own complete with banqueting hall and running track that no one is allowed in like the Rolling Stones did. He won’t be insisting on his own personal toilet by the stage or clearing the backstage area like other bands have done – he will certainly be doing lots of of other ego related things but that’s the unfortunate side of showbiz.

In a festival of hundreds of acts and many headline stages does it really matter who the headline act is? are there really people out there who spend the whole festival camped out in front of the main stage watching only those bands?

Moaning about the headline at Glastonbury has become a national sport – maybe it’s time to venture to the other stages or not watch ‘Glasto’ on TV and go out and watch musicians in small venues that need support, or maybe it’s time to ignore the ego of performers and just listen to the music or maybe watch a performance from a different genre just in case it may be pretty good and then fuck off to another stage after a couple of songs…

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  1. got no love for Kanye (his first coupla albums were OK) but i suspect that there’s an unpleasant whiff of racism here as w/ Jay (or Bey) last time. “what? a black person not a white man with a guitar? i’m not having that. it’s not proper music.”

    and Jay (and Bey) properly owned Glasto when they played too.

    I guess it’s these boring, conservative attitudes that keeps music papers putting dreary white guitar bands on their covers.

    live a little, people.

  2. oh…and if you’re concerned about what is on the f**king Pyramid stage at Glastonbury, then you’re not really doing Glastonbury right.

  3. Can anyone explain to me what he’s done to warrant such negative comments apart from saying “he’s shit” ? I’ve never heard of him (heard the name and that’s all)…Does he warrant an equal amount of abuse that we would have seen had the announcement been Gary Glitter (OK I’m exaggerating a bit) …If he’s shit, how come you’ve made the effort to come to this conclusion and I haven’t (yet?)

  4. Ha haaa! “Flask of Bovril”! Another amusing, thought provoking and well written post LTW – thanks. I don’t want Kanye at Glasto for 2 reasons: 1. The man is a smug self-righteous ubiquitous nob-head who is convinced of his own genius, 2. His music is super-overated. If they booked someone GOOD I’d be well up for it. I’d be down the front for Rhianna, for example. I’m not a Glasto nerd, I had no problem with Jay-Z or Metallica being booked. Like it or not, in the 80s Glasto was the spiritual home of the counterculture and booking KW shows that part of Glasto is dead. This is why people upset. And for the record, I like Bovril.

  5. Its not the bill thats stopped me from going to Glastonbury, its the cost and all the middle class 6th formers ticking it off their bucket list. 100s of festivals across the UK. Go find one.

  6. I don’t care who’s on, I’m not going. The reason I’m not going is that I stopped buying tickets for Glastonbury when it became acceptable to buy before the acts were announced. Personally, I’d rather know what I’m paying for. Buy before you know, and this is what happens, so either shut-up, go and watch/listen and then make your mind up, or accept that you’ve bought a ticket for an ‘event’ and that it’s possible some of the things to see/do at that event won’t be your cup of tea.

  7. Who the f*ck wrote this shower of shit?!? I couldn’t even get past the first few paragraphs because if I read anymore my phone would’ve been rightly smashed against the wall in frustration at the utter drivel before my eyes!! Firstly Mr “Louderthanwar” (if that’s even your real name ;D) the grammatical errors you make could’ve been pointed out by a primary school student let alone a f*cking spellchecker!! Secondly you slate “rock fans” by insisting their “conservative attitudes are an insult to rock bands.” And in the very next breath go onto belittle the talents of these “rock bands” by insisting they’re no different to hip hop in the same way that “they’re just someone shouting down a mic over some loud music.” You’re clearly not a music fan, or at least have shockingly poor view on what real music is!! But the killer for me, and the last point I’m going to make, (because I didn’t get further than the next paragraph out of pure rage at your idiocy,) is the fact you’ve jumped to the conclusion the majority of the glasto-bound festival goers had no idea who Metallica were before last year and that we all love Mumford and sons!! What the actual f*ck are you on?!? In my opinion it’s another poor choice of headline acts by Mr Eavis (or is it seeing as it’s the talk of the nation?!) but fortunately there are another 100+ stages and amazing things going on that I really couldn’t give a flying f*ck! Your articles on the other hand are shocking and I’ll be amazed if your actually getting paid for this you massive loser of life!


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