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You The Living play London with the Membranes on Friday May 22nd. Details here.

Ahead of the release of their debut album, “XXXI” (pronounced “thirty-one”), husband and wife electronic duo You The Living have unleashed their forthcoming single, “Grief” via SoundCloud.

Over the course of its five-and-a-fifth minutes, the slow-burning album opener rises from a primordial soup of gurgling synth bass and tangled 808 beats to form a pummelling, Neubauten-esque chorus (during which Aidy and Natasha Stevens still whisperingly insist “I’m better”) before calming down again – momentarily. I shan’t spoil where it goes from there, but we all know what beast evolved from the literal primordial soup; the same applies here.

You The Living may already have a reputation for the wax and wane and ebb and flow of their “whisper to a scream” dynamics, but “Grief” will certainly leave you to “lick your wounds”, as Aidy’s half-snarled whispers beckon you to in the song’s coda, but I can’t promise that they’ll be “all better”.



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