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Noise/Shoegaze outfit Vena Cava release a brand new four track EP via Bristol’s Noctone label. Simon Tucker reviews.

Following ’15’s acclaimed self-titled debut album, Bristol based sonic wizards Vena Cava release a new four track EP. Entitled ‘Entropy’, the EP sees the band stretch their sound that little bit further from what they have released previously and in doing so create a seductive and hypnotic work that will please fans and new listeners alike.

Entropy may be only four tracks in length (hey it is an EP after all) but the sheer wealth of content here is breathtaking with the band managing to fill every crease and crack in the listeners surroundings, swallowing outside thoughts so it is just you and the music.

Like fellow noise-rockers Thought Forms (who they definitely share a sense of style and vision with) Vena Cava manage to take a vast amount of influences and cram it into a new mold. One that is most definitely theirs.

Opener Lapis Lazuli treats us to delirious Red Room backwards chatter before we walk through the same desert sands as Earth before a jarring shift in tempo sends us racing through sludge metal and quick riff magic whilst following song Amygdaleza lulls us into dreamstate on a glistening guitar riff and a mournful piano part before again going through various tempo shifts and genre dynamics.

Penultimate song Salamander has a wonderful alt-90’s feel to it (think Jayne’s Addiction meet Alice in Chains) and a swing that we’ve not heard before on this EP. As befitting the title Salamander slinks and slithers with an irresistible groove and swagger.

Closer Avalerion is a masterclass in song structure and dynamics. Over its eleven+ minutes it slowly unfurls, creating landscapes full of dusty roads covered in shattered glass. It rides into town with restless drumming and a firm commitment to a swirling whirlpool riff before shifting into dreamy ambience and straight-ahead rock music climax. A thrilling ride.

With Entropy Vena Cava deliver another slice of progressive rock music (no not that type) that forces to to submit to its bidding. With vocals hovering through the noise one minute then soaring above the carnage below, Entropy forces you to “turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream” as someone far more intelligent than I once said. A great release from a great band on a great label….what more do you bloody want?


Noctone can be found via their website  or via Facebook   and Twitter where they tweet as @NoctoneUK

Vena Cava can be found via Bandcamp   or Twitter where they tweet as @VenaCavaUK

All words by Simon Tucker. For more of Simon’s writings for Louder Than War visit his author’s archive or follow him on Twitter @simontucker1979.

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