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Bruce’s intimate New York theatre run ends but the soundtrack and the movie hit the stores and our big screens.

He’s had a pretty good run has Bruce Springsteen. From the early seventies and the ‘new Dylan’ attempts to get a foot in the door, to the landmark Born To Run album and appearance on the covers of Time and Newsweek to the emergence as global stadium filling phenomenon in the mid eighties.  The past thirty years have seen him following his own path with and without his faithful E street Band so it  feels almost inevitable that he’d do fall into something like a Broadway residency. After all, his solo acoustic shows have, in the past, provided  a rare, revealing and intriguing alternative to his stadium bouncing hits shows and his storytelling prowess and articulacy has become legendary.

Now – for the mere mortals, the wallet busting nature and gruelling process of how to actually get tickets to attend the shows can now become a distant memory as the inevitable recording and chance to watch in the comfort of our own homes comes to pass. For the man who  once talked about how having blind faith in your leaders will get you killed (before launching into a visceral version of Edwin Starr’s War), it’s a vaguely predictable package. The songs essentially pick themselves and offer less of a challenge and work more as punctuation points with  the focus remaining strictly on the strength of his storytelling that had taken the form of the exorcism of his autobiography (excellent by the way). Admittedly, and not surprisingly given that the run took in over 200 shows, there’s a  hint of scripted delivery as he talks of being her “to provide proof of life,” working his way from Growin’ Up to My Hometown, My Father’s House and The Wish – parents and childhood giving way to slamming the screen door and throwing roses in the rain.

The former fantasy and ideology is now replaced with a healthy dose of realism, words spilling from  a wise old head – a man who finds  himself at peace and with kids and the strength of family. The ties that bind. A long way from the rebel who eulogised about getting out while he was young and being born to run,; the man who said, “I’m never going to come back”, who now lives ten minutes from his hometown. “Who’d have bought that shit?”

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