Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor

Sage Gateshead

9th November 2016

On a day when the USA added another monumental shock to 2016, Regina Spector puts on an incredible show despite the horrendous news.

On a day where yet another travesty has befallen the world it is immediately understandable that Regina Spektor may not have had the greatest of days. With an alleged homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic racist now the president elect in the United States you can forgive anyone for not being in their finest moods, and from the outset this evening it’s clear the Spektor is upset and for that she can be completely excused.

What is overwhelmingly humbling is the crowd’s reaction and their support, their encouraging shouts and sweet sentiments buoy the ship early on after an early wobble. In spite of all of this Spektor opens up with a spectacular flourish opening with the wonderful On The Radio, this bouncy track masks the underlying misery of the day with its singalong chorus and jovial tune. Yet it’s the heartfelt and passionate delivery of Bleeding Heart that is almost too painful to listen to, her delicate tone and the powerful lyrics invoking the deepest of emotions as it brings about the aforementioned wobble.

However, from this point on the earlier flourish is compounded by an exquisitely eclectic set, the likes of Small Bill$ take away some of the misery from the evening. As this track sees Spektor unleashing her inner Hip Hop artist, perfectly delivering this exciting track it’s the first time she’s moved away from her piano. This track is a stark contrast to the likes of Blue Lips and Ballad Of A Politician both of which feel darker and more emotional this evening.

There are tracks from across Spektor’s career tonight but there is a heavy reliance on new album Remember Us To Life, Tornadoland proves to be a true highlight. The thunderous bass that underpins the track shakes the room, as it further compounds the sombre mood of the evening. The fervent delivery of this cacophonous track is exceptional, similar to the ecstatic delivery of The Trapper and the Furrier. An equally dark and mysterious track that is typically diverse, the new material holds up perfectly against old favourites.

In spite of all of the goings on around the world, tonight is truly incredible, ignoring any of the political goings on. Regina Spektor is on top form as her set flits from the wonderfully gentle and heart warming to the bizarre and upbeat, her endearing manner has the crowd overcome with joy. As everyone leaves this evening there is an air of excitement lingering long into the night.

Regina Spektor can be found online here She is also on Facebook and tweets as @Respektor.

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