Organic Process Bon Voyage

Organic ProcessOrganic Process Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage

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Rating 7/10

Organic Process are a two piece band from Andover in Hampshire who have just dropped their second EP Bon Voyage.  Lovely keyboards, soaring guitar and witty lyrics add up to a very satisfying listen.

Everyone loves a surprise so I was delighted when a friend put me in touch with Andover outfit Organic Process.  Last week saw the release of the bands second EP and I have been listening to it’s five songs regularly over the past few weeks.  Organic Process say that their musical goal is to create a unique sound by blending aspects of poetry with acoustic and electric guitars and a whole heap of influences ranging from Pink Floyd to British Hip hop.

You will find aspects of all of those elements on Bon Voyage.  The title track serves as an intro to the piece.  It is an instrumental track combining some lovely keyboards, in a minor key, with the sound of the sea.

“Optional Extra” is a change of pace as the guitar and percussion kicks in.  Perhaps oddly I was reminded of Lily Allen.  Organic Process have that same style of vocal delivery.  The almost half-spoken lyrics also share Allen’s sense of observational irony, a trait that continues into the rhyming delivery on “Too Many Times.”  We hear another change of pace and rhythm on the heavily ska influenced “Living For The Weekend.”

Bon Voyage kicks in at just 15 minutes but it does provide a good insight into Organic Process’s musical range.  Like so much new music it is difficult to pigeonhole Organic Process into any particular genre.  Their music slips gently from genre to genre but it all holds together perfectly and shows once again just how many talented bands there are out there struggling to get their music heard.  These guys certainly deserve more attention, they are at once familiar and refreshingly different.  They are certainly worth a listen.


For more information about Organic Process check out their Facebook page.

Words by Alan Ewart: you can follow Alan on Twitter at @soundofmysummer or on the internet at and you can read more posts by Alan at his author’s archive

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