Holy Fuck

Holy FuckHoly Fuck

Think Tank, Newcastle

20th August 2017

An incredible set from the brilliant Holy Fuck as they make a very welcome return to Newcastle with a brilliant new EP in tow!

Last time Holy Fuck arrived in Newcastle was in support of their incendiary debut LP, now they are on their third album Congrats. Their sound has grown ever deeper but still possesses an incessant groove, but it falls to the Makeness to take to the stage before them. The London duo share a similar sound to Holy Fuck, their deep tracks possessing a pounding techno beat. In a world where the majority of acts like this focus on being almost completely electronic, Makeness are something of anomaly.

Fusing a variety of synths with live bass and drums it makes for an intriguing live performance, with their heads down they plough through an impressive set. Merely stopping to greet the crowd and introduce themselves, the thumping bass drum and lively synth stabs the resounding feature of this exciting set. Their momentum carries into Holy Fuck’s set, the band rarely speak throughout tonight’s set instead create an incredible Sunday night disco.

Every track suppressing that Sunday night feeling a little more, there’s a heavy leaning towards Congrats tonight. As the band indulge this overexcited crowd in a plethora of tracks the likes of Xed Eyes, Tom Tom and Caught Up all leaping out as particular favourites from this energetic set. As well as new track Bird Brains, which possesses a whole different feeling to the majority of the set it’s thick bass and punchy synths reminiscent of early Battles material.

Tonight there is a real fervency surrounding Holy Fuck, it becomes so easy to lose yourself in this enthusiastic set that has a bit of everything. Whilst Super Inuit will always be a crowd favourite, tonight Holy Fuck really feel like they’ve stepped it up to a whole new level. The energy of Super Inuit is always undeniable, but the rest of their set tonight was packed with exceptional grooves and true passion and excitement.

Tonight Holy Fuck truly came alive and, their new material is a real force to be reckoned with particularly Bird Brain. You really cannot help but forget that Monday is just around the corner after being thrilled by the incredible Holy Fuck, lets hope they don’t leave it so long next time!

Holy Fuck can be found online here holyfuckmusic.com. They’re also on Facebook and tweet as @HolyFuck.

All words by Lee Hammond. You can check out more work by Lee at his Louder Than War author’s archive, he also tweets as @Napzap.

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