Swedish Psych Kings Goat To Release Live Album

The phenomenal Swedish band Goat, who’ve properly taken the world of music by storm & for whose live shows tickets have been like absolute gold dust, yesterday announced that they were going to be releasing a live album
 on 2nd December 2013. A more fitting soundtrack to your Xmas morning present opening festivities I can’t possibly imagine – not to mention the Queen’s bloody speech! They’ve also given the world a sneak preview of what the album’s going to sound like with an embed of one of the tracks, ‘Let It Bleed’. Scroll on down to hear it.

When our John saw Goat at Glastonbury this year he said:

“Goat are something else, the Swedish band are a delicious sensory overload of cosmic late sixties, early seventies freak show with a whirling dervish blur of silver painted faces and cosmic costumes. It’s like the Crazy World Of Arthur Brown but crazier. The music is like Jimi Hendrix but further out with two female singers doing the freak dance, fracking the stage with their voices in perfect union. It should not work at all but it is totally wonderful and the band are a stunning live spectacle.”

Little did John know that the night before he saw them they were playing out of their skins at Camden’s Electric Boardroom. Because it had become quite evident that the set the band was touring was totes brilliant, the genii behind their label, Rocket Recordings, had early on realised recording it for posterity was a must. It was decided that this night in London to be the show chosen to be immortalised. From the press release:

“July 27th 2013, the eve of their now legendary Glastonbury performances the band took the stage at Camden’s Electric Ballroom in London to celebrate the recent launch of their single ‘Stonegoat’. The ATP promoted show was incendiary; the 1,100+ crowd either danced furiously to the band’s psyched grooves or stood there, mouths open and gazed in awe at the spectacle they couldn’t believe they were witnessing. It truly was a band on top of their game, which this LP called Live Ballroom Ritual will forever prove.”

In other exciting Goat news it seems like the band is currently tucked away in Korpilombolo in the process of producing a follow-up to their debut album, World Music, which not only stormed to the upper echelons of our “top albums of 2012” list, but was critically lauded far & wide.

The band is slated in to play alongside Loop in December at the last ever ATP festival which we, of course, will be reporting back from in full.

Listen to the track ‘Let It Bleed’ taken from the live album below & find the full tracklist below it.


  • 01 Diarabi
  • 02 Golden Dawn
  • 03 Disco Fever
  • 04 Stonegoat
  • 05 Let It Bleed
  • 06 Dreambuilding
  • 07 Run To Your Mama
  • 08 Goathead
  • 09 Goatman
  • 10 Goatlord
  • 11 Det Som Aldrig Förändras – Kristallen Den Fina
  • 12 The Sun The Moon

As with all Goat release it’s due out on the fabulous, adventurous, boundary pushing home of all things psych & experimental rock infused, Rocket Recordings who also last week announced the release of a double LP compilation. RR have been going for 15 years now & in that time their reputation for reliability & uncompromising excellence has gone from strength to strength. Featuring many of our favourite bands of the last few years the compilation promises to be a compulsory purchase. The above-mentioned Goat are on it of course, alongside Teeth Of The Sea, Gnod, Hills, Big Naturals, Anthroprophh & many more.

The album, we’e told, is a perfect glimpse into Rocket’s past, present and future. Called Crystalized it’s out on the 25th of November 2013.

Check out the full tracklist below.


  • 01 Teeth of the Sea – Run Red
  • 02 Blood Sport – Dry Water (Redux)
  • 03 Vision Fortune – Forgot how to swim
  • 04 Gnod – Holy Empire
  • 05 Uran – Emp
  • 06 Hills – National Drone
  • 07 Rollbars – Short fuse
  • 08 $hit & $hine – Please don’t Share
  • 09 Cherrystones – Cats Cradle
  • 10 The Lay Llamas – African Spacecra ft (2092 AD: lift-off, journey and landing)
  • 11 Goat – Goat Jam
  • 12 Anthroprophh – Anthropomorphism

All words Guy Manchester. More words by Guy can be read here. He tweets as @guid0man & uses Tumblr.

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