Teeth of the Sea / Parts & Labor – live review

Teeth of the Sea / Parts & Labor
@ The Green Door Store, Brighton
Friday 20 May 2011

An interesting clash of musical styles…..

In the red corner, Teeth of the Sea, a group of young Londoners who take the tired old rock template and deftly deconstruct it into new shapes and sounds. Their tunes tend to be expansive, ebbing and flowing, and taking their audience into new and pleasing places. I find it difficult to describe them, suffice it to say that there’s a lot swirling around: prog, synth, glam, noise, punk, the kitchen sink… Their set flew by, and they knocked my socks off. I’m pleased to report that off stage they’re disarmingly charming. Great things beckon.

In the blue corner, Brooklyn’s Parts & Labor who now have five albums under their belt. The band is dominated by drummer Joe Wong who fills every second with rhythm. Parts & Labor rip through their set at a breakneck pace. Like Teeth of the Sea, each member looks like they’re from a different band – no Ramones-style uniformity for either of these bands. I like Parts & Labor very much. Towards the end of their set I found my attention wandering. I hankered for a bit more light and shade. I hankered for something a bit less traditional – but only a bit.

Together these bands made for an unbeatable package.

photos of the gig:


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  1. You’ve got great insights about Teeth, keep up the good work!

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