Goat: World Music – album review

Goat – World Music (Rocket Recordings)
Out Now

Swedish collective Goat have just released their debut album. The band play a scintillatihgtype of music based around Afrobeat that needs to be heard to be believed. Declan’s heard it & reviews it for us here.

In the remotest part of Sweden there’s a village with the improbable name of Korpolombolo, for centuries it was been a curious European outpost of voodoo and it is from this unlikely place that the musical collective Goat hail.

I expect this biographical detail from the band’s website, will raise the odd quizzical eyebrow. My strong suggestion when approaching the band’s debut lp World Music is that all doubt should be banished and that you accept this tale completely. Mostly because it’s more fun that way; but also a band raised surrounded by witch doctors and juju in a dark and damp Northern European community would sound like Goat.

Imagine, Fela Kuti and CAN collaborated to re-score the Wickerman. Whilst the band start from a dark psyche base they draw influences from other traditions – the outro to “Goathead” has lute like medieval folk; “Golden Dawn” is a funk freak out with tremendous tribal vocals, whilst “Let It Bleed” throws post-punk female vocals and sax driven no wave into the mix. Standout track “Disco Fever” is an afrobeat psyche-dance anthem, that wouldn’t sound out of the place on a Soundway compilation of the hits of 70’s Burkina Faso.

The lp ends in an organ led orgiastic semi-instrumental that recalls a depraved ritualistic religious ceremony. A thrilling genre and continent melding rhythmical treat that repays repeated listenings and the suspension of disbelief.

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  1. Spectacular record . . . I named it Album of the Year for 2012 at Indie Moines: httpss://indiemoines.com/2012/11/26/top-21-albums-of-2012/

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