Cluny, Newcastle

6th December 2017

A truly breathtaking set from Destroyer as they once again prove why they’re one of the most under appreciated bands around!

Having put out consistently brilliant records it’s a pleasure to have Destroyer back over in the UK, Ken has without doubt been one of the albums of this year. Bejar’s distinctive vocal style is always a huge feature of these records, one which sets Destroyer apart from the rest. Tonight sees them arrive in Newcastle in support of this epic record and it’s a truly exciting prospect.

Nicholas Krgovich provides a very odd support set tonight, his lone piano style and his indecisiveness over which tracks to play make this slightly bewildering at times. With covers of Sun Ra and Steven Sondheim it’s a very chilled out and quiet set from Krgovich, who seems equally puzzled by the crowd. His remarks about the city itself are gratefully received but the respectful crowd may have perhaps been too respectful at times.

Thinking his time was up he stands up then questions his timekeeping before sitting down to play another song, its an odd and self deprecating set. That is anecdotal in nature and intriguing yet a little weird, but Krgovich raises a few smiles throughout. Paving the way for Bejar and his large band, who squash on to this tiny stage in front of an expectant crowd.

They open with Sky’s Grey and Bejar’s instantly recognisable tone has the entire audience under his spell, these thunderous tunes wrap around his vocals tightly. There is a passion that exudes from every track but alongside an effortless delivery he makes this look so simple all the while the rest of the band continuing to rock out and enjoy himself.

The likes of Kaputt and Times Square prove to be huge crowd favourites early on, these impressive tracks just keep coming. You really cannot help but be in awe Destroyer, the huge cinematic soundscapes which they create perfectly augmenting the dour words of Bejar. European Oils and Chinatown pique our attention in the latter part of the set.

However, it is closing track Bay Of Pigs (Detail) that really seals the brilliance of Destroyer tonight, this epic track is incredible Bejar once again effortless as the band form this astounding barrage of noise. We’re left completely aghast and truly in awe of Destroyer, they’re without doubt one of the most under appreciated bands around.

Destroyer can be found online here They’re also on Facebook.

All words by Lee Hammond. You can check out more work by Lee at his Louder Than War author’s archive, he also tweets as @Napzap.

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