Church of The Fall: Greater Manchester Fringe – preview
Church of The Fall
Greater Manchester Fringe
Lock 91, Deansgate Locks, Manchester
Thu 23rd Sep & Tue 28th Sep 19:30
Tickets available here

Church of The Fall is a 60-minute spoken word show premiering at this year’s Greater Manchester Fringe, and is one man’s attempt to do justice to the writing of Mark E. Smith and the music of The Fall.

Black Country-born writer, actor and standup comedian Stephen G. Titley is an honorary
Mancunian, arriving in the city in 1991 after a year’s backpacking in Australia and the Far East. Prior to converting to atheism at 21, Steve was a Christian. He since realised that he missed the love and certainty of the faithful and believing in something greater. He then found that with The Fall.

Through his one man show, Church Of The Fall, he is looking to introduce and educate those raised on tales of Oasis’s greatness to the weird and wonderful world of Mark E. Smith and The Fall.

Titley explains, ‘the show celebrates the late writer, singer and working-class genius Mark E. Smith and his band The Fall but it’s not just about him, or his alleged pyrotechnical personality. OK, Mark E. Smith was likely ‘no Mandela’ but could Mandela have given us Spoilt Victorian Child?’

The show promises music, love and laughs, with the comedian adding, ‘you don’t have to love The Fall to enjoy my show, you just need to love music.’

With the promise of free entry and a free pint to any ex-Fall members, these are going to be busy and interesting evenings.

Come one, come all, to the Church Of The Fall

Tickets available here

Church of The Fall: Greater Manchester Fringe – preview


All words by Iain Key. See his Author Profile here author’s archive or on Twitter as @iainkey.

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