Bad Breeding Cardiff 2016

086 BAD BREEDING By Keith Goldhanger

Bad Breeding : Abandonment EP

One Little Indian

Vinyl/Digital Download

Louder Than War Bomb Rating 4

Bad Breeding continue to provide us with yet another angry intense release. Keith Goldhanger wants you all to listen to this.

There’s a review still kicking around inside a certain mans draft folder trying to come to terms with why it felt that attending a Bad Breeding gig in a tiny pub was a bad decision on New Years Eve. A night when balloons hung from a ceiling, everyone has their best clobber on and we’d just been watching The Rhythm Method.

Totally the wrong thing to be wanting to soundtrack the end of a year we thought but the year about to arrive was 2017, a year when a soundtrack such as this suddenly felt the right one again. Maybe  (unintentionally) the furious half an hour was an alarm bell for the months ahead, the sound of frustration caused by the year just finished and a show that was over in time for us to go and celebrate outside in the street whilst the unfortunate folk wrapped up in blankets looked on and must have been wondering why that money spend on fireworks couldn’t have been spent on a few weeks food or a building for them to sleep in.

If that’s pretty much the worst thing you can say about this band however then its safe to say they deserve many peoples attention.

This is ace, and you probably know them anyway and realise you just need another kick up the arse spending even more time with this bands music than you have been recently.

Anyone who is still a bit partial to the early works of GBH, Dead Kennedy’s or maybe Discharge should be encouraged to give the bands new EP Abandonment a spin.

Bad Breeding are as good as Conflict were in 1980 and their affinity to One Little Indian founder Derek Birkett’s band Flux of Pink Indian make this label a natural label for them to be associated with.

They’ll remind you of the first time you heard many of the punk rock shouty guitar heavy tunes that still sit in your record collection. This is fast, angry, furious, thrilling and pretty much sets the pulse racing faster just like the bands some of us can’t be arsed with anymore achieved back in the days when we used to wear leather Jackets with paint stained logos of our favourite bands painted on the back (Rubella Ballet, Mass, Bauhaus and Theatre of Hate in case you were wondering).

Having played with Omega Tribe and one or two other bands from this era Bad Breeding are hopefully a band a Rebellion crowd would embrace whether at the annual event in Blackpool or anywhere else.

As exciting as punk rock was in the early 80’s it didn’t maintain its thrill and excitement for some of us as the years crawled on. Something was missing as disaffected youths grew up and finally got jobs, gave up or moved to an island in the sun selling jewellery to cash rich tourists . Maybe the music with a background of a Wapping squat had something to do with it. Maybe the idea of seeing these bands today in a 1930’s built Holiday resort doesn’t quite recreate the vibe that a big building in West London’s Harrow Road achieved on Sunday afternoons where hundreds of people would turn up, the police would congregate outside and discuss amongst themselves what they should be doing whilst inside we’d watch all and sundry. Bands like UK Decay, Conflict, Assassins of Hope, The Mob, Rubella Ballet, Hagar the Womb, Lost Cherries, Dirt, Youth in Asia and even some of those bands that eventually became thrown into that section that a few years later would be labelled ‘Goth’.

It’s 2018 and what has been stewing for sometime is about to explode again. The UK in 2018 is an insecure, unhappy, unpleasant and confusing place to be. There’s no safety net for when we get ill, little empathy from those who many hoped could help, we feel this is close to becoming a nation at breaking point, there’s another war starting, the government give the impression they’re reading the National Front manifesto’s of the 70’s and acting as though these are the way forward, the forthcoming decade could be worse than the Thatcher years, the F*ck*ng C*nts are treating us like pr*cks again and this is the current sound track.

This is brutal. Bad Breeding give us the impression they don’t find any of this funny anymore (if indeed they ever did in the first place). Nothing wrong in liking a bit of Coldplay in this century, the messages they display are equally OK but this stuff really sorts you out when you need a good kick up the arse and are beginning to notice that nice music in times like this feels slightly inappropriate and you would rather wave your fist in the air than a LED wristband.

Maintain the anger with this as it’s soundtrack. There’s a storm brewing and there are a good number of bands out there that are ready to wreak havoc again. Bands such as this will not only make people scared again but will also unite people and give many people decades of joy listening to it. Fabulous thrashy punk rock made by the under forties but for everyone’s consumption.

Abandonment is a cracking tune. Bad Breeding are a cracking band.

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All words by Keith Goldhanger. More writing by Keith on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find Keith on Facebook and Twitter (@HIDEOUSWHEELINV). You may subscribe to the Goldhanger Shorts Facebook page or browse some of his photos too if you so wish.




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