Wilko Johnson Convalescing at Home and “Making good progress” Louder Than War is pleased to report some positive news on Wilko Johnson’s progress, following his emergency pancreatic-cancer operation on 30 April.

The following statement was made on Wilko’s Official Facebook page this week and all of us at Louder Than War wish him well as he continues his recovery:

“We’re sure you will be as delighted as we are that after making excellent progress at Addenbrooke’s over the last few weeks, Wilko is now convalescing back at his home.

Naturally after such an extensive procedure, Wilko is extremely tired, and it will take him some time to recuperate, so he asks that you respect his privacy, but we had to share this incredibly positive news.

On behalf of Wilko and his family, another huge thank you for your magnificent support over recent months – it really means a great deal to Wilko – and please join us in thanking the staff at Addenbrooke’s for everything they have achieved in some extremely difficult circumstances.”

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