The View black and white band photo

The View black and white band photo

The View – Standard (Cooking Vinyl)
17 June 2013

At one point they may have been considered indie also-rans but with four albums under their belts The View are about the release a new compilation album and download only single.

The View were one of those over trendy bands that crashed into the UK music scene back when everyone wanted to be trendy and indie –  think Artic Monkeys, The Killers and The Fratellis. They emerged with their big hair, skinny jeans and that song that just refused to be removed from every radio station going (Same Jeans).

This band have promoted and sung about every form of drug abuse under the sun from the well-known early Skag Trendy to live favourite Addict. They’ve had tour buses raided and been drunk and disorderly more often than your grandma drinks tea.

However despite all this, The View have lasted the time with four albums under their belts and a much anticipated compilation due next month. Seven year Setlist is a celebration of the bands journey so far, it boasts not only the more popular View songs like  Superstar Tradesman and Grace but also some of The Views’ more gentle but just as loved favourites like Tacky Tattoo and Face For The Radio.


Seven Year Setlist also flaunts new single Standard, which yes, is jingly, has a catchy chorus “You know your mothers alright, Standard” and has The View stamped all over it. Yet at the same time it’s just as fresh as all their other back catalogue and just emphasises that this band has the potential for another seven years ahead of them.

Find out more about Seven Year Setlist on the website.

All words by Sheryl Willis. You can read more from Sheryl on LTW here.

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