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Historically, having one constant heartbeat behind a band has worked. 

Take The Beach Boys with Brian Wilson, Gorillaz and Damon Albarn. It has famously thrived in the past and Brisbane’s The Bonnie Doons are here to show it works for them too. With a manager that writes, records, and plays guitar and BVs on stage, The Bonnie Doons have well and truly embodied this tested method of having one constant driving force.

Kane Kennedy, manager, songwriter and recorder of the music states, “[The] Reason for this is that we’ve gone through so many band members,” 

“Ten people have been through the band in a pretty short time, and it was hindering the process like crazy. The band always consisted of Uni friends, and eventually they got jobs and/or moved away and we had to kick one member out. I was getting annoyed by being dependent on others to actually make the music so I just recorded it myself, then whoever is around and keen to play with us live would join us for the gigs.”

Existing in a similar vein to the likes of Ocean Alley, San Cisco and GUM, The Bonnie Doons’ music is effortless and easy to sink into combining classic rap and pop rhythms. Their new EP The Betweeners is to be released November 20th with an overall theme of ‘making better decisions’ whilst bringing a bigger, tighter sound than that created by just five members. It sounds wholesome and as if there are about 12 members playing on each track.

“Ultimately it is about being truthful to yourself; to quit deceiving yourself because it’s easier at the time and having the confidence to stick to your guns. In a day where anxieties are prevalent everywhere, we’re trying to focus on making our actions more deliberate. Don’t just sit back and let life happen to you”

With musical inspiration falling firmly into the laps of Flea and Josh Frusciante of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, the smooth sailing rhythms layered with funky bass lines create a sense of unity within their music. There are further musical inspirations such as Creedence Clearwater Revival, Mark Ronson and Eminem throughout the band creating an incredible mash up of funk, soul, rap, hip hop, funk and pop. 

With COVID impacting people all over the world, the break from playing shows has given the five-piece perfect time and resources to promote the EP. After playing over 100 gigs over the past two years, it’s ideal moment for them to funnel that energy back into promotion.

You will be able to stream The Betweeners on all platforms November 20th.

Follow the band to keep up to date with the new EP HERE ( )

Words by Jasmine Hodge

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