The Damned reform original classic line up for 4 shows
The Damned have announced four very special shows with their classic original line up.

The band’s original line up — Dave Vanian, Brian James, Rat Scabies and Captain Sensible — will reunite for peformances at the Eventim Apollo in London, O2 Academy Birmingham, O2 Academy Glasgow and the O2 Apollo in Manchester during July 2021.


The Damned reform original classic line up for 4 shows

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  1. That’s pretty cool, I heard a podcast with Scabies recently lamenting the fact that the band might not have many opportunities to buy the hatchet and play together again.

  2. Agree. Wrong venue, way too much money. Loks like i’m going to give it a miss and my adult kids too. Shame. I’ve come full circle but now unable to join the ends. Punk Is Dead!

  3. Yes its expensive but not gonna get this opportunity again . I for one am looking forward to this gig in Manchester fab venue as well

  4. Rather sad and clearly done as a last ditch attempt to try and get some kind of pension fund together. I remember the sheer joy of buying New Rose when it came in 1976 and the excitement of their early gigs at The Roxy in London early 1977. A year later they had run out of ideas and energy. I won’t go to any of these gigs, they had their time and place and that was nearly 50 years ago.

  5. £75 is nothing to see such legends….and the original outfit too….seen many many times before and will again ! Punk’s Not Dead ! Andy of Bournemouth !

  6. £75 is a lot of money for a ticket anyone who will pay that for a gig in a small Venu has more money than sence so pay it and don’t forget the prawn sarnies . And Punks not dead anyone who thinks that go see The Wildhearts when they tour next year (should be Feb but am expecting another pospoment) plus it will only cost you about £20 Bargain.

  7. If you don’t remember you came from nothing and will eventually return to nothing but in between the people who had to budget to go to your concerts still want to see you but we are not rock stars and do not have your budget please remember where you came from and who your fans come from

  8. That is a high price. I think the current Damned have just released their best new tracks in years and would rather see that. I wouldn’t go even if the ticket price was reasonable as I boycott O2 venues as they rip off the fans and the bands, too fucking corporate by half. Do yourselves a favour and support the independent venues, when they can start putting on music again. Best of luck to The Damned on this endeavour and I hope that Captain and Rat can bury the hatchet, as it’s sad to fall out with people that you share something special with. My next planned gig will be The Nightingales next year, £12 a ticket – that’s more like it.

  9. 75 quid a pop bit pricey but if I can get them all to sign my copy of new rose, flog on eBay, get ya money back, not that I could do that. As for the seats lets Smash it up!

  10. I had New rose on the seadog label from france and the album The Damned by this lineup. Studio sound was OK but live they ran hot & cold. Great when good Terrible when bad. Hope they’re good on the night. I paid 75p to see them and Richard hell and the void-oids how much is it now.

  11. My Eventim Apollo ticket say stalls standing. I don’t give a shit about 75 quid. What’s that? 10 pints and some food in most london boozers. The original line-up and you know what you’re going to get. It’s near enough 75 quid to see a premier league football match (when you could go) and it could be a shit 0-0 draw. Bring it on!


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