Liz Is Evil: Dublin punks with a twist

Liz Is Evil

We started out in 2008, a kind of culmination of two other Dublin bands. It was at an open-mic gig for bands in the city. We were doing all sorts of gigs in different circles with various genres of bands and showcases here in Dublin. Any gig we could get basically. Put out the ”˜Beached EP’ independently in 09’which got great reviews and radio play in Ireland. We ended up playing in a small town with Paranoid Visions one night. They really liked us and kept throwing gigs our way. They offered to release our debut album ”˜Failed Philosophy’ at home and in the UK on their label and things have been going well since then. New download single and video ”˜Anno Domino’ is out now.

The Dublin punk scene is always pretty fertile- what’s happening now?

The punk scene is healthy here. It’s probably the most organised scene going, in fact. I’ve never been at a punk night, especially an FOAD (Paranoid Vision’s label) one, with a poor crowd. They don’t saturate you with nights, just put big nights on once or twice a month and bring touring, well-known and established acts to town. It gives new bands a chance to play, the venue is packed and everyone is happy. It’s a well-oiled machine. We’re new fans of bands that we’d never even heard of before. We’re very glad to be part of that. We debuted at Rebellion Festival this year on the back of it all.

tell the people what you sound like…
I suppose what makes Liz different is that we really like punk, but it’s just a part of our influence. Maybe we draw from other influences and that comes out in the songs. I mean, we’ve been likened to the Velvet Underground, The Buzzcocks…and the Pogues. Velvets are the only band we can cover well. There’s a bit of watered-down metal in there too. We play what we like and slowing the music down or having no chorus or adding harmonies is all part and parcel. I suppose that’s why we’re liked in the punk rock circles, because it’s rule-less. We’re also partial to random fancy-dress on stage.

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  1. this band hooliogan i’m told have a new ep on oi the bucket records from u.s.a.

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