Watch This! Jilk And Haiku Salut Have Just Released A Great New Single Of Beautiful Ambient ElectronicaJilk and Haiku Salut are two bands with a lot in common, hence why their collaborating for a new single makes perfect sense. It also makes beautiful music you’ll be pleased to hear, proof of which can be found in the video below for the track Periscopes. 

Simple music done well is the best kind of music sometimes. Mix that with some off-kilter atmospherics here, some twinkly instrumentals there and occasional bursts of something a tad more rowdy and you might well have something even better.

You certainly do in the case of this collaboration between Haiku Salut, the acclaimed “Baroque-Pop-Folktronic-Neo-Classical-Something-Or-Other” trio from the Derbyshire Dales, and the “enigmatic Bristol electronica collective” Jilk.

The starting point for Periscopes, we’re told, was the track “Six Impossible Things” by Haiku Salut, but you’d really need to be told that to spot it, and even so you might not believe it so different are the two pieces of music.

“Periscopes” is out now and can be downloaded via iTunes.

For more info about the bands hit up their websites: and

They also do the twits as @jilkmusic and @HaikuSalut and the facebooks here for Jilk and here for Haiku Salut.

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