Explosions in the Sky

Explosions in the Sky

Explosions in the Sky

Sage Gateshead

11th October 2016

Explosions in the Sky are band unlike any other, they take post rock and turn it on it’s head! With incredible production and epic twists and turn we’re in awe of these Texans.

Their new album The Wilderness is yet another slice of epic post rock from these brilliant Texans. Having played a number of European festivals and touring extensively across the US, they’re back in the UK with their incredible live show. First up though is Entrance who takes everyone by surprise, his sincere songs hush the audience.


There is a real delicacy to his voice, it is somewhere between Iron & Wine and Rufus Wainwright. Whilst he retains that sweet tone there is an underlying power to these songs, they’re raw and heartfelt and pique our interest particularly Promises. It possesses a real sadness and the stripped back state really exposes that, it is a complete contrast though to Explosions In The Sky yet a welcome one.

However, Explosions In The Sky are quick to follow, they aren’t your average post rock outfit and that is immediate to any onlooker. Their set is a breath-taking roller coaster packed with a multitude of twists and turns, which invoke an inordinate amount of emotions. They open with the title track of their new album Wilderness and the set builds from there. The band rarely seem to pause for breath between these humongous tracks.

The Birth and Death of the Day is an early highlight, it embodies their set the way it twists between relative serenity and thunderous barrages of noise. Their power and ferocity is astoundingly impressive but when mixed with their lighter touch it adds such an exciting dimension. The way in which all of this links with their production is equally impressive though, their revolving lightshow brings everything to life.

Explosions in the Sky

From the stage being cast in a burning glow to the beautiful rainbow effect which they seem to have become synonymous with, it does seem to put up something of a barrier between them and the audience. It is all to easy to lose yourself though in the spectacular effects that it creates, the whole show is spectacular and tonight they’re in top form. As their set comes to a close Disintegration Anxiety shows off the bands darker side, with its brooding and powerful sound.

The swathes of distortion and intricate guitars providing the perfect precursor to The Moon Is Down, which brings their set to an epic and dramatic close. Explosions In The Sky are truly one of a kind, their music straddles so many moods yet it comes together effortlessly. The supreme highs are all countered with thunderous lows all of which is perfectly complemented by beautiful lights. They prove that they really don’t need lyrics to put you through an emotional roller coaster.

Explosions in the Sky can be found online here explosionsinthesky.com. They’re also on Facebook and tweet as @EITS.

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