“I first I heard about this on Monday and it has taken me completely by surprise! Everyone knows that NEW ORDER without PETER HOOK is like QUEEN without FREDDIE MERCURY, U2 without THE EDGE, SOOTY without SWEEP! 
On a more serious note however, I do not understand the decision THE OTHER THREE have taken. I wish they had approached me first. I do not agree with the methods they have used and feel it would have been courteous and professional to have spoken to me in advance of the announcements. It is very sad.”
Love PETER HOOK x Sept ”˜11


  1. None of my business of course, they are welcome to do what they want, but personally as a mere fan whenever I read this stuff from either camp I think – can’t they all just get along?? and if not then can’t they fight in private?? My conclusion is that if you switch on the news and see people all over are coping with nightmares every day it all looks a bit storm in a tea cup. Anyway, who is on bass?

  2. This is very good news, I thought their new track HELLBENT was amazing which appeared on the TOTAL compilation, New Order is a great band, It would have been better if Peter Hook could be with them also, but I guess they are still mad and arguing with each other.


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