WIRED IN: A Stone Roses Special
The Dukes, Lancaster
15 October 2012

Live review

An evening of words, photography and music in Lancaster this week as Ian Tilton read from his book on the Stone Roses while his images of the band, many unseen until now, were projected behind him. And music? Well, that came from the subject of the book but also live performances – the Ruthless Rap Assassins amongst them.

Wired In has been going for three years and this week was a celebration of The Stone Roses via Ian Tilton’s wonderfully intimate photos of the band. These covered early photo sessions from ’87/’88 and went on to Granada TV, Hacienda ’89, Blackpool ’89 and then Spike Island in 1990.

Claire Caldwell, co-author of Ian’s forthcoming book “Set In Stone”, was also present to talk about the process of helping him with writing the book.

Wired In then went on to three musicians Mia Wilson (singer), Owen Saunders (keyboards) & Jack Bee (the beatboxer).

Last night was also very special because it was the first time since 1992 that the Ruthless Rap Assassins had performed together on stage…and it was electric!! They hadn’t lost the magic which made them such a special band back in the late ’80s / early ’90s.

Check out this photo gallery of images of the night.

What is Wired In?

Wired In is all about getting artistic people together in a positive and supportive environment – with the focus first and foremost on the projected visuals. Photography or film is very very important for this event.

Once that is sorted then some form of live performance is chosen, again mixing it up – could be a band, poet, dancer, storyteller – basically anything goes as long as it has an edge and has a good attitude!

All words and images by Elspeth Moore. You can find more from Elspeth on LTW here.


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