The Misfits: Bristol – live review

The Misfits
Bristol, The Fleece
1st April 2013

The Misfits are on tour and they’re faster and louder than ever. Louder Than War’s Philip Allen enjoys a night of feverish spine tingling horror punk.

Great bands have a way of defining what they about with the first few notes of the song. The delivery and timelessness that The Misfits bring in spades is felt from the opening notes. I must admit, the atmosphere here this evening is palpably feverish. The reverence bestowed upon them eluded me for years, ultimately put off by the shirtless beefcake image perpetually promoted by the original band member, Glen Danzig. I was missing the point obviously. Their use of ‘Horror Movies’ imagery and make-up perfectly matches the baritone psychotic lyrics and feverish punk thrash setting the nerves tingling down your back like the way a ‘Tarantino’ film does.


The current line-up is made up of one original member and bassist, Jerry Only, Dez Cadena and Eric “Chupacabra” Arce. Opening tracks, ‘Devil’s Rain’ and ‘Vivid Red’ kick our asses as they stomp through a forty strong set of new, old and classic.

It’s great to hear these visceral songs performed live, ‘Father’ makes my day, whilst tracks like, ‘American Psycho’ and ‘Skulls’ rip me a new asshole. There is definitely no letting up with The Misfits, with very little between song banter the music sounds as good as it sounds when you blast it in your headphones ripping down the street on your skateboard.

The encore includes ‘Saturday Night’ and a cover of Black Flag‘s ‘Rise Above’ which sounds perfect in this set which ends with probably their most heralded track, ‘Halloween’. The Misfits never fail to impress their audiences with the passion and dedication they have to the band and what they represent. Some may criticise but tonight they played harder, faster and better than most half their age.

The Misfits’ music can be found at their website, Facebook and MySpace.

All words by Philip Allen. More work by Philip Allen on Louder Than War can be found here.

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