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Back in November we reviewed Check 1,2, an EP by dubstep artist Reso. We had also intended to run a quick follow up with a review of his album but, as Nick Wood explains below, computer grief interfered with that. However it’s such a good record we’ve decided a belated review’s in order.

Apologies for the late review of this, we deserved to give this release more coverage than it got because I lost everything trying to migrate to a mac for the first time. Curse you “Simple step by step Guide” and your author.

Onto more important things then. This is amazing stuff. Call this Dubstep at your peril, as there’s a lot here to appeal to a much wider audience if given the chance. Opener “Exoframe” starts with a Vangelis sounding fat synth line, punctured with feedback before the distorted beat kicks in with enough menace to make the kids run from your sub woofer, the one which is struggling to cope with frequencies being forced out of it (I’m guessing the neighbours are thinking there is a problem deep underground here in County Durham).

The dirty bass continues into second track, “Creature” and there is a hint of Us and Them era Godflesh to this track (no, really). The throbs and squeals are punctured with retro sounding synths. The clever time signatures carry on throughout the album and the production is top notch, as the bass and the heavy drum noise didn’t distort ensuring maximum enjoyment for ultimate displeasure and me for anyone in a 2-mile radius.

Album highlight is undoubtedly “Virtua Rhythm” which kicks off with a lovely warm sounding synth drifting across the speakers before a clean drum and bongo eat appears taking you almost into the prog realm, or as close as the artist probably wants to get. This track really could almost be Yes, and I mean that as a compliment and not an insult, reminiscent as it is of “State of Independence” (Well it does to me).

Other highlights include “Half Life” and final track “Tabris”, the latter of which is just so crammed with great ideas but catchy at the same time make this release, from start to finish one of the highlights of 2012’s Dubstep releases, if you must.

Influences are there to hear if you want to. Industrial music, Can, Tangerine Dream and of course modern dance music all seem to play a part in what Reso is producing, all with a nice intellectual slant to keep things very interesting. What’s also great is you can download an outtakes version of the album for comparison.

There are numerous tasters on Soundcloud and remixes a plenty so what are you waiting for?

Reso’s website can be found here. He is also on Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud.

All words by Nick Wood. You can read more from Nick on LTW here.

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