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Redg Weeks InvadaInvada Records’ Redg Weeks presents his annual top 15 list of albums he has loved this year. As usual, the list is eclectic with plenty of titles worthy of your time and investigation (Redg has kindly put together a Spotify playlist for you to listen to which you can find at the bottom of the piece)…over to you Redg…

Despite the obvious misery and anxiety 2020 has brought upon the world, musically the year handed me a lot of fantastic albums to appreciate. This is the first year I haven’t included any Invada releases for the simple reason this years output would’ve dominated my list & left very little room for anything else. As per previous year-end selections my choices are comprised of new artist albums across genres, film scores, live material , reissues & in a couple of cases “come back” albums.

redg weeks

1: Soul Original Score by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

2: Oneohtrix Point Never – Magic

3: Ulver  – Flowers Of Evil

4: Bob Dylan – Rough And Rowdy Ways

redg weeks

5: The Beloved – Where It Is “2020 Deluxe Re-Issue”

6: AC/DC -Power Up

7: Big Cheese – Punishment Park

8: Mr Bungle – The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo

Redg Weeks (Invada Records) Albums Of 2020

9: PJ Harvey – Dry Demo’s

10: Neil Young – Homegrown

11: Nick Cave – Idiot Prayer

12: Three Knee Deep – S/T

13: Color Out Of Space Original Score by Colin Stetson

14: Prince – Sign O’ The Times “2020 Super Deluxe Edition”

15: Drain – California Cursed

Thanks Redg. LTW would like to say congratulations to Invada on what has been another wonderful year of releases for the label with a few titles landing in our very own Albums of the Year lists which can be found here and here


For more information about Invada visit their website  They’re also on Facebook and tweet as @invadauk.

Redg himself can be found on Twitter as @redgweeks


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