Out next week, the worlds first (probably) compilation released on CD and bike!!

Here at Louder Than War we like interesting releases, be it coloured vinyl, USB releases, cassettes and beyond – we featured the O Genesis label released Nik Void single with the playable sleeve, we featured the Flaming Lips album encased in a real human skull; so when we saw this release we knew we just knew we had to let you know about it.

Winners of ‘Best Small Label’ at the 2013 AIM Awards, Alcopop! Records have just announced details of their latest ‘Alcopopular Compilation’…it’s being released on a bike!!

The 14 track compilation features tracks from the likes of The Wytches, Night Engine, Gnarwolves, Max Raptor. Radstewart and more.

‘Alcopopular 6: Highway to the Velodrome’ – Mountain Bike compilation [Released 28th November 2013] – Oxford label win ‘Best Small Label’ at the AIM Awards – Celebrate by releasing a compilation on a £300 custom mountain bike – Formidable ‘Ones to Watch’ tracklisting including Night Engine, Gnarwolves, The Wytches, Jaws and Crushed Beaks

It’s been a good year for Alcopop! Records thus far, picking up the AIM Award for best small label, signing the likes of Fight Like Apes, Anamanaguchi and Radstewart and representing with takeovers at a stack of lynchpin indie festivals.

But ever since the label’s inception in 2006 (paying for our first release by gambling a small loan on a football match – thanks Lomana Lua Lua) creativity has been a key element. So alongside more standard vinyl, CD and digital releases, the label has released a quasi- regular compilation of much loved bands on formats as varied as a treasure map in a bottle – to ‘all you can eat’ dinner menus in hamburger cases. This time though, they want to go a step beyond…

Linking in with the custom bike makers Mango, the label have decided to pick up some of the most exciting bands in the country, and release Alcopopular 6 on a fully branded/ label coloured mountain bike. Sure it costs £300, which is a touch pricey, but it’s available digitally for those who can’t invest quite that much – and label founder Jack pOp is pretty sure it’s well worth it.

He says..

“Creativity has always been a big part of the indie industry, and we were really keen to do something big with our latest Alcopopular compilation, where we can do something eye-catching without really worrying about conventional release rack space. We’ve put together a line up of awesome of bands and friends which we’re super proud of, and I’m hoping that the compilation will go down nicely. The Mango bikes are really well made, everyone seems to be digging the idea (we’ve actually part-paid our PR in bicycle) and we’ve had a lot of fun with it so far.”

‘Alcopopular 6: Highway to the Velodrome’ Track-Listing

1. Max Raptor – The King is Dead
2. Gnarwolves – Tongue Surfer
3. Jaws – Toucan Surf
4. Playlounge – Cream Soda
5. The Wytches – Digsaw
6. Night Engine – Seventeen
7. Radstewart – Arabesque Bedouin
8. The Spills – Friends with Girls
10. Axes – Wet Wet Wet Wet
11. Throwing Up – Toothache
12. Birdskulls – Sand Smiles
13. Menace Beach – Tastes Like Medicine
14. Crushed Beaks – Grim
15. Pet Moon – Ganger

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