Symmetry band press shot

Symmetry band press shot

With a new single – Take the Reins – out and a full length album on the way, we present to you our New Band of the Day; Symmetry.

It says in their bio that the band Symmetry creates music that defies easy classification. They describe their style as “”alternative progressive pop/rock”, and while that’s fair enough for a start, it really is only a part of what this band is about. Their influences range from Protest The Hero and Circa Survive to Paramore and 30 Seconds to Mars, but the resulting sound seems to me to be all their own.

Symmetry came together in Los Angeles in 2012, and consists of Mike Campbell on vocals, Jared Hara, guitar, and Nate Anderson and Max D’Anda on bass and drums respectively, but the group is really the brainchild of blind guitarist Hara.

They tell me that their sound “developed during late night jam sessions where the open flow of ideas between the four of them, as if through osmosis, created intelligent and balanced musical compositions.” It’s usually hard to know for sure, but their music just sounds to me like it’s “a little more analogue, and a little less digital” than most these days, if you know what I mean.

I’m sure something like Pro Tools was probably used, but there really isn’t a plugin to replicate the sound of four guys playing in the same room together. Like I said, I’m not sure if they did it that way, but to me, it just sounds…real.

Check out the song Take The Reins, from their soon to be released full length album Frozen In Time for a taste of what this band is about. The album was recorded with producer James Paul Wisner at Silver Sound Studios in Woodland Hills, California, and from what I have heard, it just sounds big.

First and foremost they are a guitar band, and this song features some beautiful acoustic playing balanced by some crushing electric guitars. Mix in a stunningly powerful and emotive vocal from Campbell, with a tasteful and dynamic rhythm section, and the result is a genre-bending sound that is simultaneously fresh and powerful, and yet absolutely radio ready.

You can keep up Symmetry on Facebook.

All words by Jay Rawley. You can read more from Jay on LTW here.

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