Former Black Flag frontman and all round pumped up renaissance man Henry Rollins has hit 50 and to celebrate is on one of his never ending spoken word tours.
Rollins, has become a counter culture icon and his spoken word shows are brilliant displays of communication with great stories and truth telling politics.

Check the tour dates on Henry Rollins website

Henry Rollins was an angry young man. But not any more. ‘Now I’m an angry old man,laughs the punk rock icon, who turns 50 on Feb. 13. ‘And the older I get, the madder I get. I’m mad at The Man. I’m mad at elitism. I’m mad at my country’s foreign policy. I’m mad at that which makes a woman get shot in the head on a streetcorner in Tucson. Global climate change and people’s resistance to it — these things make me mad. Ever since I was young, I’ve been a fairly furious kind of person — always ticked-off. I’m just one of those people.”



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