Bladefest – Leicestershire – live review

Bladefest 2012
Rose Farm, Leicester
1 September 2012

When he’s not busy running Louder Than War one of things boss John Robb does to fill the time is front Goldblade (you all knew that, right?) Here we have a review of Goldblade’s own festival – Bladefest.

When you think of a festival you often imagine something along the lines of; a dozen fields filled to the brim with either music stages or tents, thousands of music fans, several beer tents and wellington boots. If you were expecting this for Bladefest you were definitely much mistaken.

Bladefest – Leicestershire – live review
B-Movie Britz

Instead what you do receive is a very much laid back and stripped down approach to a festival ”“ a reasonable sized farm, around sixty people wandering about and a barn waiting for its roof to blown off by live music.

If more festivals were like Bladefest it would never be a bad thing, in fact what this event does do is to highlight all that is positive about outdoor music events; friendly people, cheerful banter and decent music, even the odd farm dog running about added to its charm.

Think of the likes of the bigger festivals like Reading and Glastonbury but just think of everything you enjoy about the experience.

First band of the day were B-Movie Britz who although the youngest act by far of the event, never let their age show any sign of inexperience and seemed to thoroughly enjoy their set, blasting through mainly their own original tracks. With a lead singer who seemed to have as much energy as a jack in the box these youngsters are definitely a name to watch out for amongst the Birmingham music scene.

Bladefest – Leicestershire – live review
Rebel City Radio

A no show for the Roughneck Riots due to a breakdown on their travels meant that extra time was allocated to the much loved Eastfield.

A band that have so much; wit, charm and likeability that it is impossible not to like them. With a vendetta against trains occupying the content of most of their songs and a lead singer that pulls perhaps some of the oddest facial expressions it was hardly surprising that Eastfield went down a storm.

The highlight of their set without a doubt has to go to their outstanding cover of Gina G’s \’Just a Little Bit‘ ”“ who would have thought the famous chorus of the nineties number one could’ve been given a rock \’n’ roll DIY makeover and appear at a punk festival?!

Bladefest – Leicestershire – live review

It unsurprisingly goes without a doubt that the majority of this barn (even the toddler donning the headliners’ t-shirt and toy guitar) was filled with those waiting to see headliners Goldblade. A band that never fail to deliver in terms of stage persona or music.

Racing through hits like \’Riot! Riot!’, \’Jukebox Generation’ and \’Psycho’ it was hardly surprising that this band had the biggest crowd movement of the night with ”“ by the end – half of the crowd on stage with them too.

Live favourites like \’Mutiny’ and \’Do You Believe In The Power Of Rock \’n’ Roll?!’ got the whole barn jumping about.

As is always the case that all good things must come to an end and it seemed like only an hour after arriving that Bladefest 2012 was all over. Until next year”¦

Bladefest – Leicestershire – live review

Bladefest – Leicestershire – live review

All words by Sheryl Willis. 

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  1. Other bands included the wonderfully energetic Rebel City Radio and also on the bill was the legendary TV Smith…

    We keep it small to keep it friendly…was limited to just 175tks all of which sold out in advance, but we managed to squeeze a few more in on the day.

    Bladefest 2013 is already in the planning stages, hopefully 8 bands next time – have already confirmed the headliners!!!!

  2. Once again we’d like to appologize for missing this. We hate letting people down and missing gigs, and we hope to play for everyone who missed us soon!
    Glad it went well and good luck plannin next years! :)
    Our van should be up and ready for action again by next week :p

    The Roughneck Riot

    • Bladefest is a semi-private ebvent hence we dont overtly promote the address – Bladefest is held near Fleckney in Leicestershire.


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