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ZZ Top: Texicali (Universal Republic)
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There’s a new album by ZZ Top just around the corner for which they released an amuse bouche earlier in the year, an ep called Texicali, which Adrian Bloxham reviews for us below.

ZZ Top, two beards and a Beard. Funked out dirty bass. Hard, solid no-nonsense  drums and the finest fuzzed out guitar this side of a Mudhoney record. They haven’t released anything for God knows how long. Read the feature thats bound to be in Classic Rock if you want details – I want the noise.

Right. To start with you take Lil’ Keke’s rap ”˜25 Lighters’ and you turn it into ”˜I Gotsta Get Paid’ a grunge boogie Texan drawl of a song, slow and rolling with that voice like a nicotine, whiskey narcotic growl, it stops and starts and makes you look up and shout “Yeah!” The hip hip drum beat just slides under the tune. It is bloody wonderful.

The second track is classic ZZ Top, Chartreuse (see below),  the  rock’n’roll boogie of Eliminator with the fuzz turned up to eleven and the attitude just oozing out. You can hear them saying, “this is what we do, this is where we are”. No one else plays guitar like that, ever.

Consumption slows the sound down, it sounds drugged out and dark and the howl of guitar over the top gives it an edgy warped feel. It feels like sitting sprawled in a bar, too much whiskey in your head as the room starts to spin.

”˜Over You’ is the blues, sounds like tears and black coffee. The words mean more for the voice sounding like it’s been there. No teenage angst here, it feels like a lifetime of regret poured into a song. The cold of winter seeping into your bones as you miss someone with the whole of your heart. The guitar is used to pour more feeling onto the slow jam. It’s the sound of despair.

That’s it, four songs, an album to follow. It’s just brilliant.

ZZ Top’s website is here.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. You can read more from Adrian on LTW here.


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  1. Nice to see a review of these guys. Always a good band.

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