Zane Lowe quits BBC Radio One – where now for new music at the Beeb?Zane Lowe has quit his evening show slot that he has occupied at evening Radio One since 2003 for a job at Apple in the USA.

The DJ has been the go to guy for some new music at Radio One for the past decade and will be replaced by the 36 year old Annie Mac. Could be an interesting time of change although to be honest most bands we know don’t bother sending music to Radio One these days assuming it would be  a waste of time – especially if they are over 30.


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  1. Zane did not 100% pick the music he played and often his new picks would be acts on Major labels that had been plugged to his producer or the BBC team that picks what gets playlisted (from choices presents by paid salespeople-i.e pluggers).
    The BBC has a policy in place that insists they employ celeb/actor hosts whose name is used for PR but in actuality they are not real DJ’s and cannot, or are not allowed to pick the songs they play.
    There are thankfully many actual dj’s outside the BBC that do justice to the art and many offer shows as varied as John Peels.
    Jon Solomon and ken katkin being 2 examples-both characters with label experience and massive knowledge and something like 60 years DJ time between them.

    • I totally disagree. Zane Lowe is an incredibly good dj in terms of live performance and BBC took a big risk on him as most radio viewers had no idea who he was. I thought he continued John Peels legacy brilliantLy as he clearly had a passion for the music he played. I do however worry that Annie Mac will not continue in the same vein. She is nowhere near as good a dj, her musical taste is questionable and she loves to promote her mates!! Zane will be missed!!

  2. What relevance does age have? Peel was still showcasing some of the best young acts well into his 60’s. Are you suggesting Annie Mac is passed her sell buy date at 36? Most young acts I know would rather approach Radio 6 and their presenters average age is considerably higher than Radio 1. Good luck Zane, one of the few R1 DJ’s I would listen to.


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