Yves Tumor: Heaven To A Tortured Mind – album review

Yves Tumor: Heaven To A Tortured Mind (Warp)


Released 3rd April 2020

The newest album by Yves Tumor is a staggering sign of underlying genius. Rhys Delany reviews.

Yves Tumor creates genuine art. His music is unique. His discography crosses the boundaries of psych-rock, noise, pop, and RnB. His fourth album continues this limitless style with key songs, Kerosene!, Romanticist and A Greater Love. Each song somehow, whilst being worlds apart, manage to fit together in a cohesive fashion.

The album produced by Tumor and Justin Raisen follows on from the much-loved 2018 LP Safe In The Hands Of Love. A great aspect of Tumor’s work is how considered everything seems to be. Everything down from the music, videos and his own style, all fit the narrative of Yves Tumor. The two singles from the album each come with stunningly shot music videos. Gospel For A New Country was directed by Isamaya Ffrench. Isamaya said on working with Yves: “Nobody has ever inspired or moved me like Yves Tumor.”

The Fellini-esque video has a similar aesthetic to the video for previous single, Licking An Orchid. Here we delve into the morbid psyche of Yves Tumor and see the artist portrayed as an androgynous satanic sprite, backed by hoof-clad dancers and a requisite light show. The song itself, while being one of the lead singles, is also the album opener. The catatonic drum beat and harsh and piercing brass section are wrapped up with subtle basslines and Tumor’s soft vocals. The song is a clear indicator that this album is perhaps Tumor’s best work yet.

Heaven To A Tortured Mind will be released via Warp on 3rd April and can be purchased here.

Yves Tumor can be found on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Twitter.


All words by Rhys Delany. He can be found on Twitter @Rhys_Del and more of his writing can be found at his author’s archive here.

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