Youtube to launch music subscription service next weekThe future of music consumption has twitched and changed again with Youtube, the pioneer of free online videos watched by millions of people, is rolling out a subscription music streaming service to compete with stalwarts like Spotify and others.

The new future is streaming which has got the pirates on the run and even if the payments to bands are famously micro at least they are payments.

The Internet giant, owned by Google, will introduce early next week a new service dubbed YouTube Music Key for $9.99 a month that will give users access to a massive music catalog that they can listen to on their smartphones. YouTube’s service will be on demand and allow subscribers to listen to music and watch videos without commercials.



YouTube’s new service will also let subscribers listen while sending text messages and store music on their devices for offline listening.

The move by Google comes after more than a year of speculation. The paid offering could help the company increase its strength in the world of online music. It’s starting off with a promotional monthly fee of $7.99, lower than rivals such as Stockholm-based Spotify.

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