When Neil Broadbent realised his then girlfriend was cheating on him by engaging in months of cyber sex with a guy from his home city of Leeds he put together his very own ‘cheating girlfriend dumped’ video letting her know not only  how obviously frustrated he was about it all, but heartbroken as well in discovering how his soon-to-be wife had been carrying on behind his back. And so he played her at her own game by winding her up with a trip to the Northern Lights and giving her love inspired poetry, his pay back was delivered as she read out aloud the name of her secret on-line lover ‘Who the fk is Thomas Roo’ – right at the end of the poem. Not thinking Neil knew of her lusty Internet affair the look of shock on her face became the video’s true highlight.

Both funny, clever and at times quite touching (as you are watching the end of a relationship after all) it ends with his slick getaway as he drives off into the West Yorkshire sunset. And with a cheeky grin to the camera while grooving to the in-car-sounds of his favourite Garage/House tunes he’s outa there. But did Neil have any idea how it was going to go down on line, the full impact of the video he was about to put up on Youtube?

Probably not, as it blew up on TMZ and a whole host of leading websites around the world all going crazy for it. Even people like the rapper ‘The Game’ gave the video and Neil shout-outs. But it was following its release on Youtube he found himself all of a sudden having to deal with the police, court dates and on-line abuse. But with viewers only seeing what was the most dramatic, yet small part of such a bigger story many people around the world wanted to know what happened next, if he was ‘alright’ as well as wanting to meet up to buy him a drink. After the video Neil actually tried to arrange a charity boxing match between himself and his ex’s on line lover, but despite the now renowned ‘Thomas Roo’ (ex’s Internet cheat) failing to turn up Neil still managed to raise £30,000 for charity fighting a last minute higher-weighted opponent. Check it out, Neil’s in the red trunks.

And so decided that he might as well put it all down on paper and release his very own life bio with – ‘From Yeadon to Youtube’. Telling the full story of not only one of the most coveted break ups ever but his life altogether growing up in West Yorkshire. Which Includes his time promoting raves in and around Leeds in the early 90’s and a slew of other funny, interesting as well as crazy stories from his life so far. Below I talk to Neil on his new book as he also talks music and picks out his top 5 favourite break-up tunes ever.



above – Neil & son Ben

Hi Neil…Its now just over a year since the video went up, in that time its became thee most watched ‘relationship breakup’ video ever seen on line…what kinda exposure and attention did it get around the world?

Neil Broadbent – Obviously the social media went into a frenzy, I’ve been told it hit 5.5million views in 3 days. I had emails, texts, inbox messages and calls from TV stations, Radio stations, news papers nation wide and worldwide magazine’s and media sites from around the globe, but I chose to ignore them as it was never about the fame. But when I realised the full extent of the interest it had created it was quite overwhelming, flattering plus frightening but I normally live under the radar so it was easy to ignore. If I turned the Internet off the attention disappeared.

The video itself and your departure from the house was a wonderfully choreographed move. Like your ‘planned escape route’ as you called it in the film, played out perfectly to the outro climax of Roxette’s ‘It Must Of Been Love’. Leaving your ex with a pair of toy antlers on her head while trying to digest what had just happened…like an end scene from Eastenders or something

Neil – The idea for the fake proposal and the trip to the Northern lights wasn’t really an idea if I had of been genuinely asking her to be engaged to me I would of taken her to the Northern lights as we had both seen a TV advert about it and agreed one day we would go. The glitter and candles was just to make it look special and the antlers and the jelly haribo ring was a joke. I switched the song in the CD when I went downstairs because I knew she was still reading the false soppy long love letter I’d wrote in order to keep her distracted . Just for the record there was no holiday booked or ring bought, just candles glitter and antlers.. oh and a bag of haribo sweets.

Something though that must of obviously been pretty hard on you, considering you openly state you were happy in the relationship until you discovered your ex’s Internet affair. But did you have any idea that it would go on to become as big a on line hit as it did?

Neil – The hardest thing about cybersex is you never know it’s going on . You can’t check your partner’s phone , emails, Facebook , Twitter, instagram, what’s app, snap chat and all other apps to see if their having text sex. I trusted her and she betrayed that, but it was a massive shock when I saw the pictures and messages they were sending to each other because in reality in the real living world she was 100% devoted to me.

above – ex Alex

And it didn’t stop there did it, as there came much on line abuse in answer to the video, as well the involvement of the police and court appearances. You did try to get Thomas Roo in the ring for charity at a boxing event, and though he never showed you still went onto raise thousands for charity bringing something really positive from the whole situation.

Neil – After the video hit YouTube my ex started posting lies and denying the other guy even existed she tried to contact me in every way possible but I ignored everything as I just wanted to forget about it, plus I had my son to consider BUT she then sent the police round saying I was the one harassing her and even stalking her. I’ve not seen her since I walked out ?? So I showed the police letters, messages, missed calls, CCTV and everything to prove she was the one who was actually harassing me. I asked to see what evidence she had, but of course she had nothing. Then low and behold Mr Roo starting shouting his mouth off on social media which I point out in video two. So I signed up straight away to a charity boxing event in April and asked him to come go toe to toe with me in the prize ring to sort our differences out and raise some money for charity. Plus I knew my son was watching how I was dealing with things and street fighting wasn’t the answer.

Its a story which you ended up putting down in words to write your biography ‘From Yeadon to Youtube’. Where you not only cover the whole relationship and events which took place after but your life altogether covering your time on the early 90’s dance scene in and around Leeds, and other entertaining moments from your life. What was it initially that inspired you to put it together?

Neil – As I said it was never about fame and fortune the video was filmed to cover myself from any more false accusations it was never meant for youtube viewing and I didn’t monetise it as it wasn’t about the money as stated. When the police asked me at first to sign a harassment notice where I couldn’t contact or go near my ex I threw the coppers out of my house in a heated argument as I had done nothing wrong but she had. But in the end when they came I listened and they said if you sign it she can no longer harass you Beany. So I signed the agreement to stay silent and away for 6months, but she carried on spreading lies. I did a newspaper interview in Manchester with the full story but they refused to print it due to someone claiming mental health. Then one day I received a call from Nigel Lee C.E.O at LULU.COM a book publishing company in America, basically, he said you write the story Beany and we will publish the book .

What kinda life have you led up to now then Neil, Has the whole affair around the video kinda changed your life in anyway?

Neil – This past 13months has been weird really, apparently I’m what they call an Internet sensation (famous?) but yet when my sons not around I’m a lonely bloke. Yes I can turn the Internet on and be inundated with messages blah blah, but I look at it this way if the Internet collapsed tomorrow who would actually be around me, nobody just my son. That’s why I keep it real, spend hours with Ben and don’t let it go to my head as the Internet is full of confident people behind keyboards but in real life they would walk straight past you on the street without saying a word.

above – Neil & DJ Afro Wayne

How about music, was it something you was into as a kid growing up in Leeds and what kinda sounds do you listen to?

Neil – I used to listen to Happy Mondays, Oasis, Blur, Inspiral Carpets, Stone Roses and a lot of house old skool music when I was into the club scene back in the good old days at Ricky’s nightclub in Leeds. Now I’m into soft rock Def Leppard, Bon Jovi. Also Queen, Nickleback, Bryan Adams and I’m a lifetime fan of Depeche Mode, but I still listen to old skool 90’s.. be rude not to.

Picking out your own favourite ‘Breakup’ songs the Roxette tune and the Cartouche dance track were the ones which soundtracked your departure in the video…can you name your top 5?

Neil –

1. Roxette – ‘Must of Been Love’

2. Bon Jovi – ‘You Give Love a Bad Name’

3. Alice Cooper – ‘Poison’

4. CARTOUCHE – ‘Feel the Groove’ (below)

5. DEPECHE MODE – ‘Policy of Truth’


And if I could sing a song to the few haters of the video and my Internet trolls like Gimpy Giraffe, Sam Smith, Frank Brazil and Tom Steele who send me regular threats from behind there keyboards (even though I’ve asked them to pick a ring) I would sing Depeche Mode’s ‘Try Walking in my Shoes’ to them. Infact it would be easier for them to get my book ‘FROM YEADON TO YOU TUBE’ (available from LULU. Com) and read all the facts before judging me on a 16min clip.

Lastly Neil what are your plans for 2017 re- the book and events you have coming up?

Neil – I’ve done all I can to advertise the book over media sites but is a viral library so people worldwide can download the book or order it in paperback from them. Plans regarding 2017 are simple really get back to normal regarding quality time with my son. We are going to Holland in May as Ben’s in a football tournament over there with his team Stanningley F.C. In summer. I’m looking forward to fishing, mountain biking, boxing and just quality father and son time and I’m booking a father and son holiday to Tenerife over next Christmas and new year .Nothing along the so called celebrity lines as people may think. As I said before fame and fortune never entered my head, I’m just an ordinary every day guy who ended a relationship decently and didn’t kick off, who wanted to sort it out in a gentlemanly fashion.

‘Right This Minute’ – US TV show covering Neils video…check it out (link below)


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