Youth is the legendary bass player from Killing Joke.

His day job is as one of the world’s top producers – working with bands like Pink Floyd, the Verve, Jesus and Mary Chain, Black Grape, Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Charlatans and many many others.

He is also putting on his own Space Mountain festival – more details here.

Great in depth interview with Youth about his pre Killing Joke punk rock days here

1.Trex The Slider

This was the first album I bought and played to death, gave it to a girlfriend I was really into …she didn’t like it ….That was the end of that relationship.

2.Led Zeppelin 1
Good Times, Bad Times sums it up though every track is killer. Still drop this in some DJ sets ….Unbeatable Rythmn section. Dazed and Confused …Epic psychedelic guitar mayhem .

3.P.I.L Metal Box
Dystopian future dub …Still sounds like the future, Jah Wobbles bass is subatomic, Levine’s razor shards of metallic glass guitar, Shiva like shredding and the deconstruction demolition of Rock and Punk as well as inventing Post Punk at the same time.

4.Alice Coltrane Journey In Satchidananda
Deep …high altitude heart resonance….gives me shivers, like Popol Vuh but completely different, perfect comedown anthem.

5.Ray Charles Live at Newport 58
Ray Charles with a big band … Heavy, check the drums …this is where Bonham gets a lot of his inspiration from ..it’s in the Swing

Part 2 of Youth’s top 10 albums to get high to are here..


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