6.Pink Floyd Saucerful Of Secrets
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
Syd’s last Floyd album and Gilmour’s first, creating a psychedelic masterpiece….

7.Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Superape
Not the first Dub album but still one of the best, made and perfected by the main architect and avatar of dub …Scratch.My introduction to dub back in 76′.

8.The Damned, Damned Damned Damned
Still one of the greatest punk albums and one of the first … Brian James channeling The Stooges … Rat tapping into Keith Moon with pumped up amphetamines, Capt super glued and locking in with the vicious guitars and Dave belting out Neat Neat Neat like a mutant Gene Vincent …Filthy Rock n Roll at its best

9.The Beatles Sgt Peppers
First album I got into at 7 yrs old .. still the best album ever made, none of these other albums would ever have been made with out this one leading the way, the first time the studio became the instrument and the producer the artist.

10.Penguin Cafe Orchestra , Broadcasting From Home,

The Avant Garde never sounded so good, includes the otherworldly and sublime Music For Lost Harmonium, a chillout classic . Ancient futuristic pagan Art folk. Great on a Sunday morning for surfing the alpha waves after being up all night .


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