Young Things album cover

Young Things album cover

Young Things: Hello Love/Goodbye Sexual (Battle Worldwide Recordings)
Out Now

Hip, cool, retro and rock solid, Young Things have teamed with a terrific label in Battle Worldwide Recordings to bring you a killer new album. Louder Than War‘s Chris Hearn takes a listen and sings along. 

Oooooh, Battle Worldwide Recordings, I think you are my new favourite label. With New York City’s Young Things, I have hit two for two. After raving about the band Kid Wave a while back when we featured them as a New Artist of the Day, this beauty of a band’s new album ‘Hello Love/Goodbye Sexual’ comes across my computer. At first, the cover art suggests that I am about to listen to some humour tinged death metal featuring insane clowns in some sort of a posse. Nope. That ain’t what this is.

Young Things is kind of a bit nerdy, a bit dark, quite poppy and bit jangly, hip and indie and….ah, screw it. They just sound good! I’ve been listening to “All Human Life” like crazy because it’s just a great, catchy, interesting and cool song. Period. Exclamation mark. In fact, I just got back from a road trip, and the song provided some excellent sing along opportunities at highway speed with windows wide open.

Just in case you were wondering, the nerdiness of the band is far from a negative. It gives them a certain amount of charm that makes them seem like one of us regular people. Okay, the lead singer, Mike, he’s got a bit of a swaggery cockiness to him…but it’s a LOVEABLE swaggery cockiness. But, basically, they aren’t rock stars. They are just like you and me, only in my case, they have a whole heck of a lot more musical talent.


And that talent shines through on the albums co-title song, ‘Goodbye Sexual’ which is a fantastic, guitar heavy gender bending dark rock and roll romp. ‘A Girl Named Fallujah’ is more on the ballad side, and shows a bit more of the range that exists within the lead singer’s voice. But with all the guitar drenched, rock and roll goodness that is Young Things, along comes the live off the studio floor ‘A Long Time Ago Tomorrow Morning’. This is one sweet song. Now, did they add the “oooooo”-ing backup singing in after? This is leaving me puzzled. Anyway, this song really stands out for its acoustic simplicity and beauty, and is a killer way to end off an album. It also makes a nice bookend for the similarly themed and tempoed (though much fuller with the complete band), ‘No One Taught You How to Fall in Love Alone’. That is a short lulling before things kick off with the aforementioned ‘All Human Life’, which I still love and I’m sure will for a long time to come. Oh, hey, and the dark, bluesy ‘Easy To Lie’ deserves mention here as being a highlight.

Yup, Young Things are a buzzband that deserve to be a buzzband. I keep my fingers crossed for their success so I can hear more and more great, darkly nerdy rock and roll for years to come. And, again, Battle Worldwide Recordings pulls through for a win!


Check out Young Things on their official website, Facebook, Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Be sure to check out the other great bands on Battle Worldwide Recordings starting by listening to their 2013 Summer Sampler over on Soundcloud.

Words by Chris Hearn. More writing by Chris on Louder Than War can be found here.

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