Yoko One celebrates her 80th birthday by curating next year’s Meltdown festival.

The former wife of ex Beatle John Lennon will be picking a fascinating and varied bill and hopefully be playing herself. We saw her play SXSW a couple of years ago and it was an amazing gig.

Our hunch is that there will be some great New York art rock on the bill and some great curveballs, maybe Paul McCartney getting the chance to do something more off the wall and hopefully an appearence from Thurston Moore and some sort of John Lennon event.

Mainly though we wnatbto hear Yoko sing, despite what all the critics used to say in the seventies she has an amazing voice that sounds like nothing else and was a big influence on the punk scene of the late seventies.



  1. Now I like Yoko a lot but it is a bit of a stretch to say she was an influence on the punk scene in the 70s. For me it is more of a case that some post punk bands may have picked up on the loose and anarchic spirit of some of her material later on.


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