Louder Than War is always happy to bring news of new sounds from The Netherlands, this time a release from the Dutch underground dance scene. Den Haag is a town that has always boasted a lot of talented alternative and independent dance and electro artists and organisations. You can point to Wichelroede, Garoeda and Filosofische Stilte for starters. And one of the really interesting, and continually evolving electro acts from the city is YesPinkPink, who has just released a new 3 track EP, Bl00d, on the weirdo Leiden label, Smikkelbaard.




YesPinkPink’s music is best described as confrontational, funny and glitzy dance. In fact the only thing more glitzy than YesPinkPink in full battle mode is Bet Lynch playing bass in The Sweet. The frothy label sleeve notes talk of a digital Momus, an observation which also has some merit. For our money there’s a bit of noughties Berlin in there too. For our money (on the evidence of these three tracks at least) YesPinkPink is a surefire son of the stage. But there are a lot of dark undercurrents in these tracks that hint at the cold, grey hours when the greasepaint and lippy is wiped off.

Oh yeah, there’s a nuts video to take on board. As one of YesPinkPink’s specialities is making nuts videos, it’s worth checking out.



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