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‘Yellow Loveless’ a Japanese ‘tribute’ to My Bloody Valentine released

Debate continues to rage following the recent 27th January My Bloody Valentine gig (LTW Reveiew) – in addition we all continue to wait for the forthcoming new album – MBV themselves announced via their Facebook page that the mastering is now completed; Their jokey Facebook missive ran “On 21-12-12 we finished mastering the new album!” So even if the world didn’t end that day, something pretty momentous happened.’

Still no release date though…despite Kevin Shields announcing from the stage that the album might be out “in two or three days

Although Shields’ “two or three days” announcement suggests he is planning to release the album via the My Bloody Valentine website, there’s no doubt that a physical version will also be available. A vinyl edition is “ready to go”, according to Sky News producer Peter Hoskins, and Shields has previously reiterated the value of having a physical edition. “It’s going to come out on vinyl, with the CD as a secondary thing in the vinyl,” he said last year. “You could just put it on a website or something, but when something seems to have a soul it’s nice to give it a soul, which is to put it in a physical format.”

Well perhaps in an effort to stir the band a collection of Japanese bands and artists have collaborated in a project that covers the My Bloody Valentine debut album ‘Loveless’ – acts include Shonen Knife, Boris and the fantastically named Shinobu Narita : 4-D mode1
The compilation goes under the banner ‘Yellow Loveless’ (I know…when I saw the title I could hardly believe it)

01. Tokyo Shoegazer ‘Only Shallow’
02. Goatbed ‘Loomer’
03. The Sodom Project ‘Touched’
04. Lemon’s Chair ‘To Here Knows When’
05. Shonen Knife ‘When You Sleep’
06. Tokyo Shoegazer ‘I Only Said’
07. Age Of Punk ‘Come In Alone’
08. Boris ‘Sometimes’
09. Shinobu Narita: 4-D mode1 ‘Blown A Wish’
10. Lemon’s Chair ‘What You Want’
11. Sadesper Record ‘Soon’

At this point and due to various licensing reasons the CD is only available in Japan or via Japanese mail order outlets inc CD Japan; if you happen to have a Japanese iTunes account its available there, however it can now be downloaded via Amazon Digital here in the UK and Europe.

Various tracks are now turning up on YouTube including this Boris version of ‘Sometimes’


The Lemon’s Chair cover of ‘What You Want’ seems to have found a dance element not on the original…

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