Yeah yeah Noh release new single – listen to it or buy it hereYeah Yeah Noh! release ace new track titled The Sound Of The Summer!

All-new Yeah Yeah Noh – first single in 26 years – turns the entire world upside-down, on its arse and out of its bonce… says CHARLES W KING.

Check out The Sound Of The Summer summer below then hear the extra tracks also. The single’savailable on Amazon, iTunes or Cherry Red.

Just when we thought it was safe to assume we’d heard the last of arsey pretentious punk-rockers turned psychedelic turncoats YEAH YEAH NOH – some 26 years after their last weedy unpop output – who should return with yet another secondhand consignment of stolen tunes and lyrics, now styled as cutpurse ‘samples’? The one and same. Except now there are six of the fuckers.

For anyone who’s been paying attention to these pages over the past year or so, YYN are back and have been getting decent live reviews…

Yeah Yeah Noh are magical. Tight neo-psych punk welded to a danceable beat! Soul, DIY punk, little bits of funk mixed with a shedload of psychedelia topped off with YYN’s unique world-view – just when we need them most. — Louder than War 2013

A masterful performance in Brighton proving they’re as potent and as relevant in 2014 as anyone. The Kings and Queens of ultra-catchy dance unpop.— Louder Than War 2014

It may well be beyond all expectation and comprehension, but these sub-lit DIY Fall-alikes have mellowed up, sharpened out and bought a wahwah pedal in the intervening years – and the results are a curious strain of unpop veering dangerously close to real shiny sickening dancefloor pop with a bubblegum burst and a capital pee.

Hear the new single – She Pulls the Petal from the Flower – on Youtube. Judge for yourself. Throw open your windows, pack a picnic and lie on your back in the park – courtesy of the accompanying video by longtime art rebel minimalist legend Bas Jan Ader. This is otherworldly: a shit band with cardigans gone DIY MOR TSOP TOTP. And you haven’t heard the b-sides yet – all available to hear on Bandcamp – an avant-garde tunnel-of-love echo-chamber David Lynch remix; a poptatstic recut version of their best single from the 80s… and would you believe a fat doobie dub cut of the single of the summer?

Only when you realise the song is nicked 99% from Spacer by Sheila B Devotion – aka last summer’s Sound of the Summer Nile Rodgers – does sense begin to prevail. And the lawsuits begin to line up.

“Any similarity to any song from the dead past is purely coincidental,” says wahwahist John ‘Stealing in the Name of the Lord’ Grayland in response to the observation. “Our original song involves four notes which have never been used together before. Yeah Yeah Noh are all about the future yeah.”

“It’s a song about gods and girls.” says FiBoards on keyboards. “And goddesses, like. Look out for our video of beautiful trees on all your favourite channels.”

“Please play it loud and often,” urges synthesizerist Tom Slater. “It’s the sound of the summer yeah.”

Ridiculously, impossibly, absurdly, inevitably – they’re only bleeding right.

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