Yard Act The Overload

Yard Act The OverloadCongratulations to Yard Act hit who have hit the big time with their debut album hitting the number 2 spot in the official Top 100!

The band, who signed to Island in July after just a handful of singles, played in Manchester on Tuesday night – John Robb’s review is here

According to the Official Charts it’s the fastest-selling debut album on vinyl of any band this century! An amazing result for the band and confirmation that their spoken word-post punk genre has gone mainstream. With bands like Dry Cleaning hitting number 4 in April with their debut and Wet Leg tipped for success, maybe it’s finally the time when, once again, guitar bands start dominating the charts.

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  1. They are total shit. A woke The Fall. A pisspoor Sleaford Mods.
    Who cares about “guitar bands dominating the charts”? Why would that be a good thing? You need to “check your thinking” before the thought ‘police (or the real police – the same thing nowadays – contact you). That could be perceived as racist.

    • Another grumpy old grandad moaning on about The Fall. For anybody under 50 The Fall are just another band from a long time ago. Can’t hear their influence on Yard Act or many other bands apart from other grumpy grandad bands like the Nightingales.
      The Fall were a particularly great band either but perfect for myopic old curmudgeons who like singers with the bar room bore politics of Morrissey. .


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