Kurt Cobain was working on solo album just before suicide
'sounded just like the Beatles White Album...' Kurt Cobain was working on solo album just before suicide

In what has become a xmas tradition the battle for the Xmas number has started.

A couple of years ago Rage Against The Machine were propelled to the festive number one spot by an internet campaign. I can still remember Tubby Cowell’s whining that it was all so unfair and how he was the underdog and how he was only interested in new talent with some tuneless and pointless singer called Joe McNobody.

Rage won the battle and Joe McNobody was dropped by Cowell six months later. Not that loyal then.

X Factor versus Nirvana for xmas numer one
X Factor versus Nirvana for xmas numer one

This year the battle is between some more X Factor nobodies and Nirvana. We don’t really care who number one is these days but it’s always funny to put Cowell’s nose out of joint and ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ really does stand the test of time.

Nirvana are reissuing the band’s classic single as a limited edition 7” record to boost sales.

The Nirvana Facebook campaign page says the aim of the promotion is to raise money for the charity Rhythmix. You may recall the name as the original moniker of girl band finalists Little Mix, who were asked to change their name by the charity.

LTW! boss John Robb was the first person to ever interview Nirvana and hung out with them in New York, read about it here.


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