Wu-Tang Clan: Keep Watch (Single Review)

Wu-Tang Clan: Keep Watch (Single Review)

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There have been all sorts of delays and even talk that the forthcoming Wu-Tang’s sixth studio album A Better Tomorrow won’t be coming out at all. Whether the blame lies solely with Raekwon or the group just not being able to work collectively in the modern day, we at least now have a glimpse into the forthcoming Wu project with the release of the single ‘Keep Watch’.

Produced by affiliate DJ Mathmatics, the funky loop immediately reminds me of the Sunz of Man/12 O’Clock/Blue Raspberry collaboration ‘Strange Eyes’ from the Ghost Dog OST. ‘Keep Watch’ lacks the tenacity behind the boards of the said track; and with no Raekwon or Ghostface exercising their lyrical talents for the reasons already mentioned, the energy is lacking.

The R ‘n’ B hook from Nathaniel is especially uninspiring; and even my favourite Inspectah Deck falls flat, taking the decision to rap in French mid-verse, in what seems like an overly-determined attempt to stand out amid the track’s weaknesses. On the plus side, Method Man and GZA’s bars are pretty solid and make ‘Keep Watch’ listenable — if forgettable, in the general sense.


I’m not expecting another 36 Chambers by any means, but I am beginning to wonder if RZA and co. are gonna have enough within them to put out another Wu-Tang record of merit. I will, however, reserve my judgement until that day comes around.

Wu Tang’s music can be found here HERE. The group is also on Facebook HERE & tweet at WuTangClan


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