Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby: Vote That Fucker Out – Video ExclusiveWreckless Eric & Amy Rigby: Vote That Fucker Out – Video Exclusive

Released today, 24 August 2020 on Bandcamp

a new anthem for the USA

This needs no big fanfare or explanation.

Wreckless Eric is one of the greatest living Englishmen and Amy Rigby one of the coolest living American women.

They live in the Catskills, make homemade music and are a living museum of country-rock, new-wave pop and have written books about their lives: A Dysfunctional Success and Girl To City.  Eric has survived contracting Covid-19, (continued good health to you old chap.)

They have written this fantastic song…

All proceeds from purchase of this track will be donated to the ACLU

And in true Smash Hits tradition here are the lyrics for you all to singalong …

Vote That Fucker Out

I’ve had enough of this
I wanna scream and shout
One thing keeps going through my head
We gotta vote that fucker out

Nearly four years of this shit
There isn’t any doubt
The only way to end this misery
We gotta vote that fucker out

I never want to see his stupid face again
I never want to hear his name
Except for January 2021
When I yell shame shame shame

You may not have a dog in this race
But that ain’t what it’s all about
It’s the devil you can work with or the devil you hate
C’mon and vote that fucker out
Vote that fucker out
We gotta vote that fucker out
Let’s go!

C’mon USA!



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A Ged Babey ‘exclusive for LTW’.  Lyrics reproduced without permission. 


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