Masterminding creative genius is one element of Jonny Trunks work. His recent Sainsbury’s Own Label and Wobbly Sounds books look set to accompanied with an impressive new project entitled Wrappers Delight published via Fuel Design. Matt Mead previews for Louder Than War.

Remember those crisps with a sky diver on the front, or that can of fizzy drink with the panda on the front or collecting stickers that you would then stick on your plinth of your bed that wouldn’t peel off? If you’re like me you’ll have similar memories but putting certain names and images to brands can be a frustrating endeavour. This is all set to change with the release of Wrappers Delight.


Think Cider Barrel, Cresta, Tip Top, Pacemakers, Lollygobblechocbomb, Kung Fueys, Fizz Bang, UFO sweet cigarettes and more. This book is a magical blast from the past set to launch a tidal wave of your previously well-loved brands back into your memory banks. But to make this all happen your contributions are needed to fund the project via Kickstarter.

In all honesty, will there ever be a book more worthy of a pledge or two? I very much doubt it. The book will have 240 pages of nostalgia featuring hundreds of rare, fascinating, peculiar and brilliant wrappers, packets and unexpected objects that will be photographed, scanned and reproduced in high quality. There will be nothing spared to exhibit everything with love, care and attention like never before seen.

All this comes with a foreword by Jarvis Cocker plus there are different pledging options. There is the basic pledge and get the book. Then there is the chance to have your name in the book, two colour Surprise 3p sweet tote options, an enviable orange flavour Space Dust tee shirt and a very groovy A & B Planet Of The Apes gum wrapper screen print.

For the more serious collector there is a very, very limited bubblegum pink 7” record of unreleased advertising music by Kenny Graham. Kenny was a maverick sax player, band leader and composer who wrote the soundtrack to The Small World Of Sammy Lee. The backing to the Kickstarter video features one of his tunes. Finally, for the most avid collector there is an option to purchase actual rare items from the collection of John Townsend, whose archive is being used for the book, plus there are 20 Birds Eye fish finger notepads for the plucky few.

Wrappers Delight was conceived as the perfect way to document this most amazing, important collection and to celebrate the life of Mr John Townsend. What are you waiting for? Away you go!



To be able to pledge to the project via the Kickstarters page. Jonny’s website can be found here. Fuel Design can be found here.

Article by Matt Mead. Further articles by Matt can be found via the Louder Than War author archive pages.

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