With the increasing likelihood of a vaccine on the horizon all manner of opinions about it are flooding the debate.

It seems that 2021 will see some kind of advances that could get us out of the pandemic torpor. There could even be some sort of return to live music by the summer but with a caveat – you may have to have proof of testing or of having the vaccine to get a ticket and be allowed in.

This has caused controversy with the people who think that the virus is caused by 5G or that Bill Gates is trying to microchip you and brainwash you with the vaccine etc. Future gig going will be a different affair than from the pre pandemic years.

The questions here are would you be prepared to take the vaccine and/or testing to be able to see live music?

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  1. I would welcome the vaccine anyway. I work in the NHS . Many of my colleagues have been involved in the trials.
    I’m also quite old now so should be given it anyway.
    I’m not sure about testing/ vaccine to allow entry.
    On the face of it as a public health measure I approve but I expect it could be the start of a slippery slope and ultimately a way for the less scrupulous to make more money.
    If it meant I could go to Beautiful Days next year I’d probably do it.

  2. I am very much in two minds for various reasons. One is because it needs testing over a certain amount of time to be safe. Two because there are different variations of the virus so how effective it would be still is debatable. On the other hand, plasma has proved being 100% effective to cure for all the variations so far but it appears to unprofitable as it’s very cheap to harvest and administer. That alone would be safe.
    Vaccination still is being tried.
    So my answer is no, as it stands now I wouldn’t go for a vaccine yet.

  3. folks are sceptical because this rushed experimental vaccine is to contain RNA which can mutate DNA. Its safety is unproven over short medium or long term.Besides why would we need a vaccination for a disease with 99.7% survival rate that 9 outta 10 have no symptoms! Stop feeding the beast with your dunce repeater ” everyone thinks 5G is DOING it” 5G is weapons grade as proved by Russin studies from 30 years ago WAKE THE FUCK UP

  4. Why would anybody not want to do this ? Carry a piece of paper, photo and proof you’ve had vaccine. It’s very very simple. Then we get back to normal life.


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