Fancy a great night of avantgarde music? Go to WORM.


Key to every great music scene is a space, a space where imagination can run riot, where free jazz noise improv punk rock is part of the wallpaper, where music and ideas spark of eachother and where everyone can go to have a great time and contribute to the chemical soup of creative cooking. Every city must have this place…most don’t but the reason Rotterdam is one of the key European scenes is WORM.

WORM has a new crazy event “La Big Festucatio” on 10 March which is a full-blown avant garde coronation celebrating leaving director Hajo Doorn’s 20 year custodianship, and the coronation of new director, Janpier Brands. WORM never does things by halves, they are  hiring a sort of Dutch Merry Pranksters bus (fuelled by northern Dutch beer not acid) full of artists and free thinkers from the north of the Netherlands to Rotterdam on the day they play. Then they get back in the bus. The event is free and if you’re in Rotterdam that day it’s a must see.




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